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      So rn, there appears to be a spat going on about tier leveling. On one side, there are those who say tier’s fly by too quickly. On the other, that tiers are fine, and any potential balance should not be disrupted. 

      Both sides bring up good points, but I hope to talk about why some tier times should be changed, for the sake of balance. 

      Some good points raised for the change of tiers:

      • SS trucks take the longest to tier up in time alone
      • SS trucks also have to waste time moving into positions
      • SS trucks also have to waste time waiting to spawn thus SS players cannot rapid tier up, even if they have the resources. 
      • SS trucks are by far the easiest tech to snipe: They may be mobile, but they die to a grenade assault, 6-9 bazooka shots, a satchel charge, couple of molotovs, a good bombing strike, and so on. And unlike EVERY OTHER TECH IN THE GAME, you cannot rebuild it immediately, and so have to wait for the truck to spawn, AND have to re-buy the upgrade. Also have to re-buy the upgrade if you move it. 
      • While this may be justified for wunder because of the KT, it makes no sense for the other docs
        • Luftwaffa’s panthers are locked behind CP, and for ⅔ of them, behind another 2000 MP CP call in. 
        • SS arty lacks any big cats, and has a rather lackluster arsenal to begin with.
        • IW’s 3 tigers are locked behind a 10 CP (iirc), 2300 MP call in (the most expensive in the game), which also requires that a 500 MP bunker be built first. In addition to tech.
          • To wit, I’d argue that all the other tier 4’s within SS are balanced, so nerfing wunderwaffe is not a bad idea, but the rest of SS do not deserve the longer tier time
            • To be honest, if SS could call in their trucks on demand, and not have to pay for them each time they got destroyed, that would also solve my problems for the most part. Also reducing their tier 4 tech up time for the 3 above doctrines is something I would also like to see. This would allow us to leave everyone else alone
      • That said, certain docs perhaps should have different tech up times: Armor docs (including tank hunter because of the JT) should be slower than the standard (and maybe soviet arty. Given the amount of late game power these docs hold, it should be very possible to punish them heavily for teching early.) , and airborne/unconventional docs (US AB, UK CA should tech much faster, so as to catch opponents by surprise and keep tempo).  
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      personally, if its about SS trucks getting too the frontline id just increase the acceleration and speed of the truck rather than decrease the time it takes too finish deploying. SS trucks arent any more or less durable or weaker than any other base buildings – atleast, not by any meaningful ammount, its the fact they are literally not in the base sector that makes em vulnerable. how i like too see it, you can tier up AND get a free forward HQ but risk losing both. maybe make infantry and AT guns produced from the buildings insteaad of spawning offmap and making their way into the map like other buildings, too make defending them on the frontline easier. also, i thought they had the ability too undeploy and become mobile again? when i tested it in the beta i noticed you had too re-pay too deploy the same truck ,which seems sorta weird, but if thats fixed now then their mobility can help them survive, atleast, if you do it quickly enough.

      anyways, aslong as tanks keep their current damage output vs buildings and fortifications , thus making their breakthrough potential nonexistant, i think the tiering time should be extended too accompany their break through. or buff tanks, but that would make people who value flesh and bone over metal and armor angry, so thats probably wont happen. i DO agree with different tiering times, too an extent, i think it would be a neat system. thats essentially what a realism mod for Steel Division 1 did- some of the paradrop doctrines would have shorter “phase times” which determines what units they have access too and when (storm in the west).


      one more thing- SS Artillery has the best ovverall artillery in the game, right now. the cheapness and versatility and accesability of the units that order in the artillery, combined with the lethality of the artillery, leads too some hella braindead gameplay (imo)- turns coh 2 into a point and click adventure. granted, all artillery sorta does this too some extent, but its REALLY  visible with SS artillerie.

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