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      This is my set of guides for SS “Iron Will”, and some tips and tricks I would like to impart on everyone, and anyone. Its my favorite doctrine due to the historical value, and its in game playstyle. I have two parts to it, and may decide to edit parts here and there depending on what questions are asked.

      Iron Will Unit guide:

      Iron Will tips and tricks:

      Document edits:
      2/19/20- Changed words so they are more grammatically correct, and deleted the repeating tactics and tips segment.


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      Hello, Thank you very much for making and sharing that Guide! Great work.
      If I may I would like at some point to translate in French. If you give me permission of course.
      Thanks again

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      Of course you can! I make the guides to assist the community, and to share what I know, so others may create better or different strategies.

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