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      Following post is about all the soviets doctrines except OMSBON.

      Soviets are in some way close to Schrödinger’s cat.  They are both dead and alive, they have some of most feariests heavies like IS-2 or ISU-152, have the biggest on map arty which itself can be strong in numbers (if you have enought MP, fuel and ammo) as well devastating, abilities like multiple squad suppresion break by commisars but the have some big gaps (like lacking in reliable AT equipment) or just things that maybe should be slighty tweaked to add some extra flavor into gameplay.

      • ZIS-3 and its appearance on the field.

      ZIS-3 was a multiple purpose light <span lang=”en”>artillery </span>gun, it supposed to be field gun and AT gun as well, I think the wat to reflect it would be armament of abilities to be a some sort of midcore multitool on the fileld.

      1. Switch to HE ammo ability
      2. Aimed crit shoot ability, detracking targeted vehicle (cost of 70 ammo, 30 sec cooldown)
      3. Moved from tier 3 to tier 2 (artillery spotter should be moved to tier 3)
      • Uniqe squads among different doctrines.
      1. Little cosmetic changes like portrait and description, maybe with name of squads divisions. Several bigger or smaller changes to equipment, some of my ideas about conscripts:
      • Guards: 

      Comes on zis truck, similar concept to IW’s troops, armed with 5x Mosins and 1x Ppsh41, only upgrades are DP28, medkit and PTRS.

      • Artillery:

      Armed with 5x Mosins, 1x Svt-40s, they get scoped Mosin rifle at vet 3 (additional squad sight by few meters, its just more dps Mosin),  upgradable to: DP28, medkit, rifle granades

      • Tanks:

      Armed with 6x Mosins, upgradable to: 3x Ppsh41 (standalone upgrades, not the pack), DTM lmg with Vickers K model, stats similar to DP-28, med kit.

      However I think all of them should get RPG-40 granade by tier 2 to defend themselfs from light vehicles also as backup tank killers in numbers coordinated with new Zis-3s.

      • PTRS changes.

      PTRS always were in strange spot, from complete light vehicles remover to armor scratchers. Perhaps instead of endless balancing dmg output on vehicles, other aspects of them could be put into life like being anti-pillbox weapon (<span lang=”en”>significantly increasing their dmg output against woodend bunkers, trenches and generally buildings</span>), also if its posible – dmg <span lang=”en”>modifier vs infantry behind sandbags, in trench or building would be welcomed.</span>

      • PTRS AT teams

      Free to use RPG-43  AT ganades with 10 sec cooldown, as simple as it sounds it could be a really big change, when all the other Western Allied or German AT teams rely on HEAT arms, soviets could do that as well…in thiers very specific way.

      At the end, feel free to add something from yourself, give your opinion or simply ignore it.

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