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      Tea tank doc:

      Apply cost reduction for Fireflies (reduce cost to 600-700mp and litte fuel costs reduction) and lower their fire rate (by 30%)

      Add buildable M5 half-truck



      Bren upgrade for Highlanders

      Prince reduction for VC to 80muni and lower a little bit cool down


      Canadian arty:

      Top mg gunner for stuarts form dispatch

      Reduce cost of 25pdr battery by 100mp (to 350mp)

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      I agree with most of your changes except for 2:

      Stuart roof MG’s are not possible I believe, and the bren upgrade for the highlanders would make them too close to infantry sections. That said, they do need to have their stats buffed heavily.

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      Okay then, idea with bren for Highlanders was for me like quick way to fix them.

      I wrote about top mg gunner for stuarts because they feel really weak in terms of dealing damage to infantry, i was afraid of buffing their main cannon (damage and accuracy) to just make another broken/annoying dispatch. Maybe buff stuart’s mg to better suppress is an solution.

      Also i forget about one more thing, about elite Canadian-French infantry’s offensive pack – its really not working for them, maybe instead of “cover bonus” they could be more resilient for incoming fire and harder to suppress. For now theirs defensive pack(2x brens) make them true beasts and offensive pack feel quite useless.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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