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      The Work was done by Battlechief, summing up his data in this post:

      Sten=20 muni



      Grease gun=15





      The data adds up to the cost the units need to pay for each “Gun pack” only the Commando prices do not add up:

      3 MP-40’s =60

      1 STG=35




      But the Commandos only need to pay 170 ammo for it.

      Commando’s British pack is also weird, due to it getting around 3 Suppressed Sten’s, and a Vickers K for 70 munitions The Stens would be 60 munitions, leaving the Vickers K as 10 munitions

      Lowlands Elite infantry get 2 MP-40’s for 40 munitions, each MP-40 is correct and is 20 munitions The description text however says the squad gets 5, where as the upgrade name says the squad gets 2 MP-40’s.

      Overall the Prices add up but this means eventually the cost for SMGs should be lowerd. This can wait however as it is not a big issue.

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      Thanks for taking the time to post this. We do have plans to overhaul small arms eventually but it just doesn’t make sense to do this before we finish the doctrines.

      If you have realistic suggestions on changes you would like to see then feel free to post them here for future reference.

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      i think a unit cost of 10 munitions per SMG would work- i do not know the exact stats for all SMGs, but i doubt any of them are too high or too low too make them worth MORE than +5 or LESS than -5 munitions from the baseline cost of 10. STGs dont count because they do reasonable damage at medium range, and are technically an assault rifle or automatic rifle, so those are in a weird spot and could probably keep their current price or go too 30. this wouldnt make them too cheap, for their effectiveness i think its a fitting cost. for reference, the LMG almost totally eclipses the SMG in performance at most if not all ranges due too its suppresion at all ranges, and only loses too SMGs in a few statistics or features. because of this, the SMG should be dirt cheap too account for dirt poor effectiveness of it compared too the LMG. still, squads that have SMGs by default (combat engineers, sturmpioneers, armored infantry) will always be king due too not having too pay a single munitions for their smgs, but thats out of the scope of rebalancing costs and could be apart of a bigger overral infantry rebalance.


      for the commando packages, seperating them into individual upgrades would be the best option imo.

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