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      Hi Wikingers, the team has been working hard for about 3 months to give the community this new patch. It has a lot of bug fixes, balance changes, new abilities for the current units in game and an entire new doctrine for the Soviets. Because the changes were so massive and our team is very small we have struggled to do a complete changelog. So here are the most important elements for you have a good overview:


      New Doctrine – OMSBON

      Separate Special Purpose Motorized Rifle Brigade: Use your OMSBON specialists to harness the power of the Partisans who are bravely fighting the invader behind the lines. Establish communications to call on much needed support to continue the struggle and achieve ultimate victory!

      General Flavors

      • Early game: Strong with good advantages.
      • Mid game: Struggle due to lack of vehicles. Starts to get support from Omsbon specialist supply drops.
      • Late game: competitive but not op. Support from VDV para’s and off map tank group
      • Fast De-cap – Slow Capture (same overall speed as other doctrines but weighted towards fast de-cap) – easy to steal ground, hard to hold it.

      Doctrine abilities

      OMSBON Airdrop

      • Paradrop a single OMSBON coordinator
        • Sets up communications with Moscow
        • Can call in various support units and weapons

      Weapon Drops

      • Called in by OMSBON
        • Mortars
        • 45mm AT gun
        • HMG DsHK

      Mechanic Specialist

      • Paradrop a single mechanic specialist
        • Can reinforce to a full squad
        • Advanced Repair abilities
        • Wreck Recovery (soviet & german)

      Sabotage Specialist

      • Paradrop a single sabotage specialist
        • Can reinforce to a full squad
        • Can place explosives (timed/detonate)
        • Can place mines
        • Can place Siphon Node

      Advanced Training/Explosives

      • Allows for more technical sabotage techniques
        • Booby trap houses
        • Booby trap uncrewed weapons
        • This apply to Sabotage Specialist

      Siphon Resources

      • Small “node” set up on a territory siphons off resources
      • Must be found and destroyed by opponent
      • Must be within range of the CP point

      Motorised Breakthrough Group

      • Motorised Fusilier group call in
      • 2x T34/85 or 76 depending on tier.

      Mosin Bramit Upgrade

      • A combination of the Bramit Silencer and a reduced charge round allows for three undetectable sniper shots at closer range.


      • Paradropped in
        • Can Promote squads with Partisan Medal
        • Uses Propaganda/Leaflet drop

      Partisan Medal

      • Kommisar can decorate units giving them extra exp points.

      Propaganda/Leaflet Drop

      • MP Boost for Fuel

      Agent Net

      • Information on what opponent is building

      VVS Air Support Officer/Basic Air Support

      • A VVS officer will and on your makeshift airstrip, keep watch as he may have to fly through enemy airspace!
      • IL-2 MG Strafe
      • Recon Plane

      CAS Rocket Strike

      • Unlocks IL-2 AT Rocket Strafe for the VVS officer to call in.

      Soviet Paratroopers

      • VDV: Elite troops dropped in to support the Partisan movement

      Core Infantry

      • Partisan Otriad (irregulars)
        • AT rifles
        • LMG
      • Red Army Partisans (regulars) (5men)
        • Assault group
          • SMG
          • AT grenades
        • Defensive
          • Rifles (Semi-auto)
          • LMG (MG34 and DP28)
        • Specialist
          • PTRD
          • Captured Panzerfaust 60
      • Kommisar Squad (3men)
        • Boost Aura
        • Officer start with a Pistol and get PPSH after vet up
      • Sniper (two total)
        • Mosin Nagant
          • Bramit Upgrade (33% range) silent/undetectable

      Bramit Device – link


      • SdKfz 222 (captured)
      • Panzer IV F1 (captured)
      • Recaptured KV-1
      • Recaptured KV-2

      Special doctrine elements:

      • Advanced Ambush Abilities
        • Partisans can move faster in ambush mode and take longer to be detected.
      • Advanced Recover System
        • Partisans can recover any german vehicle from the field.
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