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      <p style=”text-align: center;”>PanzerJäger Abteilung
      Nach Vorn</p>
      *Note: This guide will cover only units that are more or less unique to the doctrine. This means I will not include support unit and team weapons such as Pioneers, HMGs, mortars, etc. If I have missed anything or you have any other additions to the guide, please contact me and I’ll get to it when I can. I hope you enjoy my guide.

      Doctrine Focus: Decent Infantry anti-tank(Core infantry, Begleit Grenadiers, Panzer Zerstörer Infantry, Raketenwerfer 43), Recon vehicles(Kübelwagen, Pz 2 Luchs)Assault Guns(Stug 3 E, G, StuH 42), Tank Destroyers[JgdPz 4(L48/L70), JagdTiger]

      Introduction: As the Fatherland progresses further into the war, it has employed measures to fight the great amount of tanks that the Allied war industries have produced. Easily produced Assault Guns that supported the infantry with their short 75mm cannons in the early days are upgraded with better armour and have better cannons to boot. New Jagdpanzer 4s roll off the factory floor, sometimes accompanied with Begleit Grenadiers to protect them from flanking infantry. Our infantry are not left behind as well. The Panzerfaust, in mass production as we speak, gives our men some hope against the armoured horde. Not to mention professionals of “Männer Gegen panzer” and according to some reports, mine improvisation by pioneers. And when the situation reaches a critical phase, the Volkssturm will come to aid together with the might of Germany, the Jagdtiger. Despite of it’s slow speed, no allied armour could penetrate it. But theirs couldn’t say the same to the Jagdtiger’s 128mm cannon.

      Notable Tech Tree Abilities/Call-In Units:

      Full Tech Tree link:

      • Volkssturm Befehl(Unlock Units:Volkssturm and Raketenwerfer 43)
        • It unlocks your core infantry units other than the Jägers.
      • Volkssturm Waffen Upgrade(Call in unit: Volkssturm Weapon Supply Opel Blitz)
        • For 100 munitions, you call in an Opel Blitz which when deployed, gives your Volkssturm Infantry(excluding the Raketenwerfer) last-ditch weapons. This was the original Volksgrenadier Captured Weapons Truck.
      • Volkssturm Battalion 3/115 Siemensstadt(Call in Unit: Volkssturm 3/115 Siemensstadt)
        • One of the more powerful Volkssturm Units, This call-in gives a powerful unit which acts as a Volkssturm Officer.
      • Panzerfaust Massenproduktion
        • This replaces the Panzerfaust 30 Ability of most units into a Panzerfaust 60, improving range and removing the original 40 munitions cost of the Panzerfaust 30
      • Panzer Zerstörer Infantry(Unlock Unit:Panzer Zerstörer Infantry)
        • It unlocks one of your best infantry anti-tank units with 2 paths they can select to fit the job
      • Heeres-Sturmartilerrie Brigade 912 call in(Call in unit: Stug 3 G Ace Josef “Sepp” Brandner, Stug 3 G, Begleitpanzer 2)
        • For 1100Mp, you spawn 2 Stug 3 Gs(Ace “Sepp” with Veterancy 2 and another with Veterancy 1) and 1 Begleitpanzer 2(Panzer 2 “Luchs” with Veterancy 1). This call in is pretty useful to get 2 Stugs as efficiently as possible before Kostenoptimierung, not to mention the free veterancy and the only need to upgrade the optics. I rarely use this call in due to the decent anti-tank capabilities that come with Panzerfaust Massenproduktion, Kostenoptimierung and the Raketenwerfer, but I suggest to use this when you are pretty high on MP(which is easy to have with this doctrine if you play well) but don’t have the time to produce 2 Stug 3 Gs
      • Kostenoptimierung
        • This abilities makes the Stug 3 G, Jagdpanzer 4(L/48&L/70) cheaper to produce in terms of fuel and manpower.
      • Befehlswagen 38 Dispatch(Call in Unit: Befehlswagen 38(Command Variant of Jagdpanzer 38(t) “Hetzer”
        • For 600MP, you get a Hetzer which when you use the “Binoculars” ability allows for the ability to spot vehicles on the minimap, and 2 Victor strike abilities(Smoke and HE) using the Stug 3 E.
      • Jagdtiger Call-in(Ace Otto Carius)(2000MP)
        •  The vehicle will be your main pushing force with its strong armour and gun.
      • Scherenfernrohr Optics Upgrade
        • It grants an upgrade for all casemates that grants the ability “Defensive Position”, which grants extra vision but removes peripheral vision and limited forward/backward movement.
      • Strabokran Gantry Crane(Unlock Unit:SwS Halftrack)
        • When it is set-up, the SwS repairs anything near it and has the ability to spawn pioneers.

      Core Infantry

      • Jäger: Your first infantry unit when choosing this doctrine. Jägers have good long range abilities and camouflage when in cover. Take advantage of the cover camouflage when defending points or paths. You can upgrade them with 3 SVT-40s and they get the Panzerfaust Ability when they reach Veterancy 1. However, there is a limit of 3 Jäger squads.
      • Volkssturm: Due to the limit of Jäger squads, there are always the expendable Volkssturm. Unlike the Jäger squads, they start off with poor equipment but do get the Panzerfaust without veterancy. It could vary from pistols to rifles. With the Volkssturm Waffen Upgrade, they can be equipped with 4 different types of weapons similar to the more recent Volksgrenadier Doctrine. Those weapons could vary from an Assault Rifle(VolksGewehr 1-5), SMG(MP3008), Shotgun(Don’t know what model) or LMG(Lewis Machine Gun). From my personal experience, it is really rare to get the LMG. You are more likely to get the other 3, with the SMG being the most common for me.

      Special Infantry/Team Weapons:

      • Raketenwerfer 43: A cheap anti-tank solution after getting Volkssturm Befehl. It has the same abilities in vanilla CoH2, namely garrison and retreat option.
      • Begleit Grenadiers: Begleit Grenadiers are a 4 man squad which comes with Both Jagdpanzer 4 variants if you choose to produce the Begliet Grenadiers version. Similar to Tank Riders, you must unlock them first before being able to produce them. The Begleit Grenadiers come with 4 rifles but can be upgraded with an MG34. You have the option to withdraw them.
      • Panzer Zerstörer Infantry: Panzer Zerstörer Infantry come equipped with 2 Panzerschrecks, 1 MP40 and 2 Kar98s. There are 2 packs, Defensive and Offensive. Defensive gives the squad an Extra PanzerSchreck and the option of planting Teller Mines. Offensive gives the squad a Haftholladung 3(Magnetic Anti Tank Mine), Panzerfaust 100(Longer range Panzerfaust with extra penetration) and 3 StG 44s. Keep in mind you still have to use munitions to get the extra upgrades. Limited to 1 squad
      • Volkssturm 3/115 Siemensstadt: An officer-ish call-inunit for the Volkssturm. The unit has the benefit of a Molotov Cocktail and an ability which gives Volkssturm around the unit a defensive bonus. You can upgrade them with a Flamethrower as well.

      Recon Vehicles:

      • Kübelwagen
        • A recent addition to the doctrine, I think that the Kübelwagen can slow down teching up due to its fuel cost(which can stretch your core infantry a little). It is best used to suppress enemy units attacking your Jägers. Munitions that could’ve gone into a grenade but only one is gone into a good support vehicle early on if played well(You don’t have to spend more munitions for grenades and the enemy won’t tilt. Win-win!)
      • Panzer 2 “Luchs”
        • For 35 Fuel, you get a Kübelwagen but with an added 20mm. If you decided to not but the Kübelwagen, you can tech up quick and get the “Luchs”. Same strategy as the Kübelwagen, use this as a support vehicle. You get an APCR toggle ability(upgrade) as well to deal with light tanks or sometimes mediums. However, at that stage you already have good AT options so leave the AT to them. It is also available in 912 Call-in

      Assault Guns:

      • Stug 3 E
        •  An assault gun with a 75mm howitzer, it is better that this should not be used to fight tanks. Despite its HEAT ability, it is still fragile and better used for the infantry support and Victor Strike Call-in by the Befehls Hetzer.
      •  Stug 3 G
        •  The Stug 3 G is your mainstay vehicle before unlocking Jagdpanzers. It’s armour can stand up to Russian 76mm AP but that’s about it. Because of that, first-hit advantage and cooperation with other AT units is important for this vehicle. Using this head on before Kostenoptiemurung is a waste of your manpower and fuel. It has ammunition, MG, optics and commander upgrade as well
      • Stuh 42 G
        • A Stug wielding a 105mm howitzer, it is the bane of infantry and sometimes tanks. It’s HE is powerful to wipe infantry squads and can damage optics on tanks that can even withstand it’s gun. Coupled with its artillery barrage ability, the Stuh brings some powerful anti-infantry in the late game.

      Tank Destroyers:

      • Jagdpanzer 4(L/48)
        •  The Jagdpanzer 4(L/48) is more of a up-armoured Stug but with the disadvantage of no MG. Despite it has no MG, it’s armour can provide better AT against tanks with more powerful guns “up-close”. Just guard it with your infantry or the Begleit grenadiers that came with them if you selected that option
      • Jagdpanzer 4(L/70)
        • The same but with a longer 75mm, it could punch even heavy tanks at times. Play this with the same strategy as the L/48 variant but still beware of guns like American 76mm and 85mm.
      • Jagdtiger
        • Rivalling the Tiger II in firepower and sometimes armour, reasons you can lose this vehicle are bad micro, air support or really good players.  It has 2 direct fire abilities(APCBC-HE and HE), smoke and S-mines to boot. Not to mention that it is a hero unit. Losing this early is bad and if the enemy captured or recovered it, it gets worse.

      Final words: There is a reason why Death_Kitty put this in S-tier. All units in this doctrine can cover each other in different categories. Despite it lacks the big guns or air support found in other doctrines, all other things in the doctrine negate that. Despite that, always keep on your toes when playing against good players. They have prepared for this doctrine well so you must do the same against them. As the description of the doctrine says, Forward! And I hope to victory.

      Sources: Wikinger EToW version 3.3.8, my personal experience and Death_Kitty’s 3.3.8 Tier list

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      Steve Magal

      Awesome content, <span class=”bbp-author-name”>aurelio!</span>

      Now I can see a point to call in the Heeres-Sturmartilerrie Brigade…

      Also, I still don’t know why would you have the option to withdraw the Begleit Grenadiers if you choose to produce the a Jagdpanzer that cames with them… which costs more than the regular one! Cheers

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        I really don’t know for the withdraw option tbh. Maybe it is a feature inserted so we can pull them out for much needed population in 100 pop games. According to me, the Begleitgrenadiers are just a 4 man GDeustchland Panzerfussiliers but with a Panzerfaust ability. So the withdraw ability isn’t mandatory but rather an option to decrease pop. for your more powerful units.

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      Note: The Kubelwagen for the doctrine may be removed for the 3.4.1 update. In the Airborne Overhaul update, the Muni cost got increased to 75(together with a fuel cost increased to 25)

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