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      <h1>Die Feuerwehr</h1>
      The first finished Wehrmacht doctrine, a really dynamic combined arms warfare based on well equipped and trained mechanized infantry, tank crews, and some air support .
      The doctrine emphasizes aggressive early expansion and captures of key points (this includes buildings) with excellent early game long range infantry, before transitioning into a more defensive and opportunity offense mid game, and a combined arms long range army late game.
      <h3>Pros :</h3>

      • Excellent infantry vs all targets
      • Excellent visual based recon (ALL your tanks are recon)
      • Cheap Medium tank that can easily punch above their weight with their kit
      • The best Tiger I Ace (in my opinion)
      • Air supremacy (mid-late game)
      • Light vehicles remain relevant (especially halftracks) due to status buffs to other vehicles
      • Has an ARV

      <h3>Cons :</h3>

      • Expensive infantry, vulnerable to constant MP bleed from weapon teams and infantry wipe abilities
      • Main medium tank is sluggish and has a (very) slow turret rotation speed
      • Early – mid game indirect fire support is expensive and cost innefective
      • Very fragile units mid to late game (both armor and infantry)
      • Little direct attack option against heavy / superheavy armor
      • Few “Fat Cats” out at any given time.

      Key Units

      • Panzerfusiliers (duh)
      • Panzergranadiere (also duh)
      • Panzer 4 J (who saw this coming)
      • Alte Hasen Panzergrenadiere + Panther A Veteran
      • Tiger E “Bolter”
      • Hasso Von Manteuffel
      • KV 1 Bergepanzer

      Situational Units

      • Aufklarung Gruppe Call in
      • Flammpanzerwagen 251 + GD Pionere call in
      • Pz. 4 F1 IST
      • FlaKPanzer 4 Ostwind
      • Brummbar
      • MG 42 Team

      Early on you want to get 3 Panzerfusiliers as your main line infantry until you can unlock the Light vehicles (or sometimes, the MG42)
      Earlier builds of the wehr has their infantry being straight up the worst infantry when compared to British or USF, losing out a standoff even if theyre in better cover, but not this time. The Panzerfusiliers are superb long range specialists, put them in heavy cover or better, building

      The HEAT Grenade launcher is an excellent counter to light vehicles (up to Light tanks), it has the power of a 75mm gun, meaning it will one hit kill anything that it can pen.
      between the G43, MG 34, or Rifle grenades, i advise you avoid rifle grenades at all and prioritize the G43 and then an MG34 for some suppression.
      After you get light vehicles up and running and on track to T3, buy an officer and recall one or two squads,
      Keep in mind, at high veterancy levels and with G43s and MG34, these guys are brutal against infantry and can stand up to elite allied infantry (provided they are in cover), but the main reason you want to replace most of them is that they have little AT capabilities.

      Note that these guys get 2 upgrade slots per squad, so you pick 2 upgrades out of the 4 in any combo.
      They sacrifice a bit of long range anti infantry power for versatile utility options (smoke and faust) and AT. Ideally, they form the main line of your mid- late game infantry, unupgraded, theyre useless as they only have K98s and while accurate theyre too expensive, so be sure to have munitions for upgrades when calling them in. They can also repair vehicles.

      They come with smoke grenades and gain Fausts at Vet 1, in addition to your standard grenade.
      Upgrade combos :
      StG 44 + Shreck
      The most common one, StG 44 complements the shreck’s shorter range, creating a potent all purpose squad. In combination with the Faust you get at vet 1, creates a potent 1-2 punch against allied tanks, before a third shreck to finish.
      MG 42 + StG 44
      Pure anti infantry config, if you plan to replace MG34 + G43 Panzerfusiliers with this, i’d go against it because by the time you get these, your panzerfusiliers will have high vet and are a lot more effective at anti infantry.
      StG 44 + MP40, very short range, not recommended

      These guys are your main line infantry unit and they can give buffs as well as coming in a halftrack after 1 CP. Theyre expensive, and they won’t stand up to elite call in infantry, but they can get any job done.  If you are in doubt of what to order, and have excess MP, just order these guys. I personally have about 6-7 squads in the late game if i have all other things i need.


      <h3>Panzer 4 J + Upgrades</h3>
      Your workhorse tank. at first it starts of as a subpar medium tank, as it has a less HP than allied tanks, a very slow turret traverse speed, and sluggish handling, but with an above average gun in terms of AT capabilities and decent MGs at suppression.

      • Upgrades (doctrine tree)
        Panzer 4 J Standardization –
        Cuts price to 66% of original. 290 MP + 50 Fuel.
        The P4J actually starts as the H model (which is better on paper, having increased turret turn rate), but the base H doesn’t gain the veteran crew or Smoke S mine combo when upgraded as its a different, non doctrinal version.
      • Veteran Crew
        grants a free Vet 1 on tank arrival. Tank can switch between a MG42 gunner (extra infantry suppression and damage) and a Commander (slight stat increases, binocular vision when stationary AND not in combat)
      • Nahverteidigungswaffe
        A Smoke launcher that is free to use but on a cooldown + S-Mine launcher that will wipe infantry around the tank clean. Note your tank MUST be on commander mode to activate the S Mine launcher.
        WARNING : BOTH the S Mine and the Smoke SHARE A COOLDOWN.

      These 2 upgrades turn the P4J into the best medium tank, with a cheap price but capable of threatening any allied medium and some heavies from a very long range.
      Keep them at range and in open terrain and align them to expected direction of contact with enemy, then use your 251 with Pzgrens inside to boost its range this will nullify the main weakness of the Panzer 4 being the slow turret speed.

      Other buffs  :

      • Combined arms warfare
        When adjacent to a Halftrack filled with Pzgrens (both standard or Alte Hasen), all tanks around it gain increased vision AND RANGE
      • PzGr 40 Supply
        Free APCR rounds, APCR round ability active for 45 seconds when used.
        I do not recommend getting this upgrade until very late game when allied heavies roll around, as APCR sub caliber rounds deal reduced damage to vehicles, the standard APCBC will do the job. APCR does have an increased chance of dealing mobility hits.

      With that said, does that mean the Panzer 4 J should be what you send in first, does that mean that this is your go to unit?
      NO, your most reliable unit is still your Panzergrenadiers, your tank is and always will be support, keep them as far away as possible, engage from range, and use your Pzgrens to screen and recon and take shots from enemy vehicles. Your Panzer 4s are there to provide suppressing MG and cannon fire and neutralize other vehicles that may come too close to threaten your infantry.

      <h3>Tiger E “Bolter”</h3>
      Thin armor,  and mediocre penetration. Those are its weakness, meaning that its best you play this tank as a medium hunter and at range. The most difficult part of the Tiger is getting it past vet 2, after it reaches vet 3, it gains the ability to one shot kill any allied medium tank if it penetrates.
      For a heavy tank, it is quite surprisingly mobile, featuring decent menauverability and turret turn speed, feeling similar in handling to your Pz4 Js.

      Its key ability though, it its power to call in the flare, and later, Nebelwerfer barrage, which fires a dozen ish rockets at a large area. Rockets land sporadically but has a large blast, but direct hits can’t be guaranteed, meaning its best used to soften up enemy lines rather than killing a key enemy unit.
      Note you need Manteuffel AND Panzer general support from the doctrine tree to use it, but its one of the best fire support call ins available as it has nearly no warning, a decent arrival time, large area, and is pretty good vs armor provided it gets direct hits.

      NOTE : this thing does actually get a roof MG 42, but its bugged and doesn’t show the model.

      How the tiger moves around has to be even more conservative than the Panzer 4, ideally, this tank should only be seen by the enemy for brief moments. Only send it in when you are sure no significant threats to it are in the area (such as IS 2s, hidden TDs, AT gun that can mobility kill, etc.) .
      If your Tiger gets seen for any extended period of time, or it is stuck and pinned on a certain location, you risk the enemy calling in fire support on it, and if that happens and the tiger cant move out, its dead.


      I do not need to tell you that he comes in a 251 and if anything sneezes at it, it dies and you need to get it again. that being said, it does have a decent spotting range and can sit on your second lines.

      Fire support :

      • Stuka Proximity recon
        JU 87 will recon the area around a radius from Manteuffel’s current location when called. Recon planes are invulnerable to damage, so it can be used to soak up AA shots for the strike planes. But i would advise moving after using this ability because it gives a rough estimate on where youre parking him.
      • Stuka Smoke drop
        A rarely used utility mainly because all tanks and IFVs of yours have smoke (at least, defensively), but it can be used instead offensively to block enemy weapon team LoS and force that IS 2 to turn around under the correct circumstance.
        NOTE it shares a cooldown with other stuka based fire supports.
      • Stuka BK 37 Strafe run and Stuka 500 Kg Bomb run
        Both of them will summon 3 planes, 2 of them uses their MGs and will pin, but rarely kill, infantry in a huge area. The last plane will only target vehicles using said aforementioned weapon.
        Do note that super heavy allied armor (Churcill, IS 2) may survive a 500kg bomb hit with a tiny amount of health left. Be ready to finish.  That being said, i’d recommend using the 500kg more due to potential for collateral damage.

      KV 1 Bergepanzer  

      This vehicle is very interesting as it is, beside being the first ARV in Wikinger, also is very cheap for the amount of armor and HP it brings to the table. Considering it can survive 3 penetrations from a standard 76mm gun, it can be used to bait shots or act as a meatshield against powerful shots that would otherwise kill a more valuable piece of armor.
      Its repair ability acts as an AoE repair area, much better than repair stations as it can repair all armor inside the AoE simultanously, the salvage ability is best saved for recovering heavy armor, as medium armor can be replaced at a cheaper price unless you are extremely short on MP.
      Do note that if you recover any vehicle, all unique abilities for that vehicle, any veterancy, and upgrades are gone. It becomes the most basic form of a particular vehicle available to a faction.

       Alte Hasen Panzergrenadiers 

      In terms of Elite infantry, these guys are pretty mediocre in terms of anti infantry potential, thats not saying that theyre bad, they will still roast other infantry in combat, but they cant stand up to elite infantry toe to toe.

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