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      Instead of nerfing AEA or messing with detection a whole lot, lets make everything simple. AEA isnt too manageable if you have substantial warning between AEA decloaking and killing your detection. My idea is to split AEA into 3 separate abilities:

      Evasive action: Units crawl, same detection radius as AEA has now, (maybe a bit smaller) given to all units with AEA and all units that have it, keep it.

      Rapid Evasive Action: replaces AEA as we know it. REA works the exact same as AEA, but can be detected from much farther away be any detector, and from 15m away  with regular units. you will have to crawl up now to throw those AT nades mate.

      Advanced Evasive Action: unchanged form what it is now, but only the following units get it: ranger recon squad, airborne recon squad, Norwegian commandos recon squad, maquis saboteurs (lose all grenades and the ability to pick up weapons), OMSBON saboteur squad (lose any grenades), pathfinders (lose grenade).

      So units like maquis, and red army partisans will have both the REA and EA abilities, allowing them to move quickly around the map without being spotted by recon vehicles in the distance, then have to crawl closer to do what they do now, hopefully giving more time for detectors to do their work. Units that keep AEA lose most of their combat abilities, and exist to plant mines and the like.

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      Or maybe even simpler, all current partisan AEA units have till vet 1 or 2 (or even 3 for tier 0 squads) just EA, then after vet it will be replaced with AEA… OMSBON medal maybe will see more use after it.

      No new abilities, no endless stats changes whatsoever.

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      I dont like that idea novo, as it does not solve the problem, and just delays it until it become a problem.

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      Der Eisendrache

      I like this idea, I also proposed a purchasable AEA ability awhile back similar to ambush tactics in vanilla. I think having certain tiers of AEA will help but it will take longer to implement, but I do like this idea.

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