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      Hey. Just a quick summation of a PvP discussion between me, Lung,

      -Grenade suppression needs to change. Reduce the radius of the suppression, as well as the power of the “morale damage”.

      Reasons: Stifles assault squads by allowing green cover units to throw grenades, often CoH2 infantry pathing results in 1 member getting hit by a nade, pinning everyone, etc. Leave damage as is, there needs to be a reason to move away from nades.

      -Remove LMG suppress, or nerf it heavily.

      Reasons: LMG’s take away too much power from HMG’s. they combine almost as much suppression and damage, but are far more mobile. Our suggestion is to add temporary suppression in the form of an ability, similar to how BK mod, or the dishka on the IS-2 works.

      -Add temp suppression to SMG’s: For squads with pure SMG’s: rangers, storms (sov. rifle guards), luft pio’s upgraded, etc, allow temporary offensive suppression, similar to soviet “fire superiority” in vanilla:

      Fire Superiority:

      Squad fires a long SMG burst while walking towards enemy squad, suppressing it.

      Costs 25

      Requires Veterancy 1

      Available in the campaign


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      Actually I like everything above, reduce but not remove. You didnt have mentioned suppression from other things like bolt action guns – for consistensy sake in my opinion lmg should do (less then atm, but still) suppression.

      Fire superiority may have problems with free grind space on some smg squads, I was thinking some time ago about “better sprint” for those units, lets call it for now Assault tactic (cardio trening, sounds good as well):

      • shorter by half cooldown compare to normal sprint;
      • without exhaustion penalty;

      CQC squads would be more slippery without need of free grind space. Regardless of grind space, I would like to see this ability as well.

      Apart of my devotion to have suppression in mod I would look at suppression recovery on squads. If squad got (red) pinned down unless all the firing enemy squads stop shooting this squad will remain for long while with head in the dirt, even if HMG crew went for a zigarettenpause and there’s just german medic “protecting” hisself from big bad tommies with luger.

      To keep squad pinned down suppressing fire should be maintained by numbers of firing rifles or suppresion dedicated weapons – pinned squad should be able to get up while MG crew is reloading.

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