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      I would like to preface that this post is not a total-change post, I do not intend or expect everything in this post to get in, it is more of a general list of suggestions that the devs can take from what they will. I support discussion of this post fine and all, but request that readers do not think I am trying to put everything in it through at once, I do believe Guards Armoured would be made more powerful if all listed were put through.

      The general goal of this is to make favourable changes while adding/removing the least content like entirely new units. Around 75% of the following will not require total additions.



      • Infantry Section Universal Carriers may be armed with Bren Guns for 40 munitions and a further 50 for a Vickers K upgrade. Withdrawl will only refund Manpower even with upgrades, and this would be exclusive to Guards Armoured. Early Lowlands and Guards struggles with map control compared to Axis, with no Kubel/WC51 and as the UC can be one-shot by Faust and PaK 36 I believe this will better support the doctrine early on, without damaging current play as it would be Tier 1.
      • Welsh Guards Loadout Change:
        As (as of drafting) 3cp Mechanised Infantry with a cost of 450mp and 25 fuel, their loadout should be altered to the following.
        Stock: 3x Thompsons 3x Lee Enfield | Upgrade: 2x Bren 1x PIAT, replacing the Lee Enfields.
        While they have been pitched for 2cp total, following their loadout change they should be kept at 3cp total as a result, taking 1cp from the 6x scope as it only affects the Firefly in contrast to the Jager 6x Scope that covers all TD’s in that doctrine (Making Firefly 6x Scope 1cp). Their Halftrack should also be made withdrawable.
      • 1st Battalion Grenadiers HT made to function as mobile supply, due to it’s contribution to the 550mp requisition.
      • Irish AT Guards given Smoke Grenades as doctrinal PIAT squads.
      • REME Squads given Advanced Salvage, as well as the ability to apply Warspeed (Removal of Speed Governor) to all British Vehicles.
        – The ARV unlock would be altered to “Advanced Field Maintenance”, unlocking the ARV and Warspeed.


      • AEC Mk III Armoured Car price decreased by 10 fuel to make it 45 rather than 55. Suggestions have been made during drafting to decrease the Puma’s cost by 10 as well to 45, due to both of the vehicle’s fragility and almost exlcusively being able to deal with armour.
      • Built (non-section) UC given camouflage and Hold Fire to avoid hunting by Axis AEA units such as Schwarze Katzen.


      • Tulip Rocket fuel cost for installation removed, and fire cost decreased to 50 mun due to limited and relatively clunky usage, unlike other ability/installed ordinance such as scopes or targeted HEAT.
        – 17pdr Unlock made into Improved Anti-Tank, making Tulips free to fire /and/ unlocking the 17pdr.
      • Sherman V requisition cost decreased to 800mp due to CP cost, and Commanders and Tulips are given stock due to damage-on-arrival. Toggle HE added, and mantlet-mounted Browning .30 cal should be given the same stats as the in-mod HMG. (If not already present)
        – If possible, Browning .30 cal HMG stats should be given to all tanks that mount it. (If not already present.)
      • Cromwell APCBC unlock becomes “Improved Ammunition” unlock, also unlocking free APDS for the Firefly and Toggle HE for the Cromwell.


      • Firefly receives a targeted shot ability with a minimum range of non-scope firing and a maximum range of scoped firing. This shot would not serve purpose other than showing range inside and out-of scope and removing the need for a toggle-for-range, being listed as such. This would exclusively serve to visualise range for the player.
      • Firefly receives TD Ambush Camouflage and Hold Fire.
      • If possible, smoke shells and smoke mortar should be added due to all Shermans possessing a smoke mortar and the real-life ability and documented usage of the 17pdr using smoke shells.
      • Firefly base price altered to 520mp and 105 fuel.
      • Cromwell Price Reduction (Pitched at 4cp) now affects Firefly, reducing the price to 470mp and 95 fuel. (50mp and 10 fuel reduction).


      The following includes more major changes and additions that I do not expect to get through wholly if at all.

      • Typhoon Bombing Strike and Npaalm Strike merged into one unlock but staying separate abilities, as they are tied to the same cooldown.
      • Typhoon Napalm Strike is replaced with Typhoon Precision Bombing, only ble to target points and neutralising them on hit, dropping the same payload as the standard Bombing Strike.
      • Air Liaision gets stock Typoon Smoke Drop.
      • Recon Plane made a targeted ability to patrol in an orbit around the designated area, such as with USFArt. Alternatively, it is made into a directional pass-over ability like the smoke drop or the USF Vanilla recon pass-over from the Major.


      • 17pdr becomes a deployed emplacement, transported by either a Sherman Kangaroo or Centaur ARV . This Vehicle would enter the battlefield and set up into a 17pdr emplacement without the coverings and most of the physical defenses, and able to be packed up back into the transport vehicle. This would make it very vulnerable to tank dives during the transport period to tank dives and equally vulnerable to napalm while set-up, and remove the problem of being able to destroy the gun as you currently can.
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      Incredibly well written post, Wheeze, ty. I agree and disagree with a lot of these points and obviously as you mentioned not all of this can (or should…) make it to a patch, however your perspective on Guards Armoured is hell of a lot better than most everyone else considering you are a chief proponent of Cromwell spam and a lot of these ideas, especially the airstrikes should maybe be considered.

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      i like it.

      i dont think toggle HE for both cromwell and sherman 76 is necessary

      HMG dmg from all m1919a6s for all tanks isnt a good idea unless all coaxes of all tanks are changes aswell, i can see it justified for sherman V cause no hull OR pintle gun.

      recon plane is sorta fine as is, but changing it wouldnt hurt anything much

      firefly doesnt need ambush camoflauge….tbh, i sorta dont like how jackson has it either, considering how potent they are. i think that kind of camo could be limited too only the low profile casemates, like jagdpanzer, su-85, and stug, not only cause it makes sense realistically, but also cause it neatly also intersects with game blaance- gives krauts an advantage. maybe at vet the firefly, and other tanks in general with normal camo, can get ambush camo at vet.

      if tulips can be targeted on a specific spot aswell, that would be nice. like, if the enemy infantry is near a building or at max range you can already sorta use it against them if you position right and deal some pretty big damage, so why you cant target it any closer and have em detonate earlier on a position instead of when they reach max range. i also heard another mod made em an ability that can be targeted like HEAT rounds, although idk how good that works in that other mod. maybe the sherman V tulips can be targeted freely vs inf, and the fireflie one  can be targeted vs vehicles but its a much high chance too hit said vehicle even when its moving cause it targets it like a HEAT round. so one is AT tulips other is anti inf/structure tulips

      17pdr change is downright NECESSARY imo- its so fucking clunky too use right now, i mean, you can,  but in a PvP environment its such a risk and it has the same problem as naked Pak-43 , in that, its an AT gun thats one shot vs tanks, which doesnt follow the precedent set by pak 40s and 6pdrs and the like, which are only 1 shot by tanks when they are decrewed and the abandoned AT gun targeted manually. although, it should be a more fragile emplacement cause of its mobility.

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        Thanks for the criticism

        HMG dmg being standardised for all tanks was more of a spitball since I agree with the devs in the aspect that if something is given for one (in this case .30 cal stats for Sherman V) then some will ask for it on all.

        I can definitely get behind Firefly ambush camo at vet rather than as standard, but I know Canadian’s have standard M10 camo, and I think given the amount of Firefly’s modified with camo in the field I don’t think it would go amiss.

        To my knowledge Tulips can be targeted to a spot but I may be wrong, as they can actually be targeted rather than just directing them with the arrow displayed by the tank. Anti-structure Tulips, while the existence debatable, would be very interesting given the RP-3’s penetration ability as a potential solution for Guards against buildings if not light concrete bunkers.

        I’m glad you agree with the 17pdr change, as it is one I do not expect to stick due to the scripting required.

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