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      After several changes CO feels good, most parts of it atleast but commando tree is not part of it, so I have some suggestions to consider for those elite units.

      No.4 Commando depot

      • Commando weapons crews (vickres, mortar, 6 pdr) no longer require this to be available, they are unlocked after choosing doctrine.
      • Cp cost reduced to 1 cp, Bash on Regardless cp cost increased to 3 cp – easier acces to No.4 commandos at other branches in this tree.

      It will only unlock No.4 commando with commando’s FHQ

      No.4 commando changes

      • cost reduced to 330mp
      • slot with AT gamon is empty

      Weapons pack changes:

      • CQC pack: replace 5x Lees with 5x suppresed stens for free, in place of AT gammon section get Evasive Action (EA not partisan’s AEA), only upgrade in this pack is 1x passive/auto AT weapon – piat or bazooka after US pack unlock and med kit.
      • Long range pack: 5x Lees will remain, AT gammon will appear in its slot, only available upgrades are LMG – Bren/2x Bars after US weapons unlock/MG42 after captured weapons unlock. Also med kit upgrade.

      Adv. Fieldcraft changes (Bash on Regardless)

      Its no longer active ability but passive that works simmilar to ostruppen or sov penals uniqe ability, its geins bonuses with lossing members:

      After unlock all commando squads will get fallowing bonuses:

      1. All alive – 20% harder to pin down, by 10% reduced upcoming damage;
      2. One member KIA – 40% harder to pin down, by 20% reduced upcoming damage;
      3. Two members KIA – 60% harder to pin down, by 40% reduced upcoming damage, passive sprint;
      4. Three members KIA – can not be pinned down at all, by 60% reduced upcoming damage, passive sprint, weapon time increased by 50% (faster reloads etc);
      5. Four members KIA – can not be pinned down at all, by 80% reduced upcoming damage, passive sprint, weapon time increased by 50% (faster reloads etc).

      US weapons packs changes

      • unlocks Bar and Bazooka upgrades
      • gives free US weapons to No.4 commandos: CQC pack gets 2x Thompsons, Long range pack gets 3x M1 Garands

      German Weapons

      • unlocks MG42 upgrade;
      • replace AT gammon with panzerfaust in Long range pack;
      • give 1x free STG44 to CQC pack.
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      I like what you have suggested here. excellent framework. My only gripe is the panzerfaust for the gammon. (for the german weapons pack) I don’t think that needs to happen, as gammon’s can be a stun on demand, which is the buff I would suggest for them. fausts dont really fit with a long range squad (neither do gammons tbh, but at least those are british)

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        I wouldn’t agree with panzerfaust “fitting” because there are plenty of units that share similar features, for example ss grens with mg42 and panzerfaust, panzergrens with mg42 and panzerfaust, guards with DP28 and RPG-6 granades and so on, just a lot of squads.

        However I think that maybe panzerfaust really shouldn’t be on No.4 commandos, but maybe French AT squad could get those and Gammons price could be reduced to 30-40 ammo due to their quite high chance to hit obstacles in front of commandos and explode sometimes injuring them.

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