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      NKVD Border Guards

      First of all, I’ll answer why I’m asking for new unit for this Soviet doctrine – every other soviet doc have access to some sort of elite or semi-elite fighting line infantry to replace conscripts or fight side by side with them, for example Tankova Divizia have Tankodesantiniki – really good fighting troops that comes for low price with T-34-76; Partisans have tier 1 soviet army partisans and VDV. Last but not least Guards have well…guards, shocktroops and 13th. That’s bring us to Arty doc which have avarage conscripts, penals and…that’s it, there are always Rozviedniki but they are infiltration specialists, they’re destined to fight behind enemy lines and provide recon (also penals are most likely geting nerf in future as far as I know). Soo…In my opinion vet 4 mid-long range fighting infantry unit will be welcome.


      • Tier 1;
      • Cost of 320mp;
      • Limit of 3;
      • 5-man squad;
      • Preferable mid-long range, flanking attacks;
      • Skin – soviet nkvd officer (optionaly sniper camo suit);


      They arrive with:

      • 1x PPSH41;
      • 2x SVT-40s;
      • 2x Mosins;

      Can be upgraded with:

      • DP28;
      • med kit;

      Abilities (apart of basic ones): –

      • Wounded interrogation (unlocked on vet 1);
      • RPG-43 AT granade (replaced on vet 2 with RPG-6);
      • Hold fire(with passive camo while being behind cover);
      • Standard RGD granade;

      Some historical background:

        “The NKVD Border Guards were an elite fighting unit trained in Siberia during the 1930s. As war with Nazi Germany came closer these specially trained units were placed on the western borders of the Soviet Union. Its said that although Stalin did not want the war and tried not to believe the Nazi Germans provocative maneuvers were the beginning of the war he him self realized it was inevitable and his weakened army after the purges and Finland was just not ready for it. He did however sign the orders saying that these specially trained troops were to stay behind the enemy lines as the German tanks rolled over and to start guerilla warfare against the invader in the occupied territories. I’ve got a book about this at home but ive forgotten the title and the author but ill call my family and get the details because it really opened my eyes. The NKVD were not just Stalin’s secret police there was many different branches and the border guards were the elite. They were like the Waffen SS. The were put into all the toughest areas of fighting. Its sad that they are not discussed as an elite fighting force of World War Two. I want to try and popularize there image. It has been tarnished of course because of the role it played in the great terrors but the border guards were and elite fighting force.”

      • “Border troops from other parts of the Soviet border were also involved in the fighting of the war. Notably, the 105th, 157th, and 333rd Border Troops regiments (operating like regular army units) took part in the Battle for Berlin in 1945.During and after the war, 150 border guards were awarded the title of the Hero of the Soviet Union and over 13,000 of them were decorated with different orders and medals.”
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