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      Can we maybe lock the incendiary mortar barrage behind veterancy? It is very powerful as a instant unlocked ability you can kill HMGS and mortars fast with it

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      It’s already been nerfed for the next hotfix. You can check the changes for 3.3.7 B in the changelog section

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      “Incenary for scored earth only” This, very much please. Even the now nerfed incendiary is still too OP. I was playing pgren and ss arty and I really felt bad for my enemy because Ive been on that side many times. WP that US inf have and limited US armor, can not destroy emplacements, FOBs and any other building while incendiary mortar wipes everything and wunder, arty, pgren can have acces to it (and other wehr docs, dunno).

      At least now the mg bunker has 25% remaining health after inc mortar barrage, but thats easily killed with 1 or 2 normal tank shots or another inc mortar barrage.

      Also cooldown should be higher so the enemy has at least a chance to repair buildings.
      Also FOV should be required like for precision strike. This would be fine for wp mortar too.

      Maybe damage can stay like now, because FOV and higher cooldown would solve the imbalance.

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      Ok lets tune down a bit more

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