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      Hello all, I know the timing is rather off considering infantry doc hitting soon, but there is a lot real life stuff coming up for me that will require a lot of my attention (a change of pace is coming up, if you will). I may be on sporadically, and I’ll try to test the betas to the best of my ability, who knows, maybe even get the infantry guide out. I don’t know when this hiatus is going to start, sometime in the next week or two, and it will probably last until around September 1st.

      Until then, I wish everyone the best.

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      Hey Death_Kitty,
      no problem and thanks for letting us know. Take your time to get things sorted out and let me wish you best of luck with the things you are up to.
      Thanks for your help so far and good to know that it will just be a temporaly slow down on Wikinger for you.
      In the mean time, if you find some time for beta testing – very good. If you pop in for some fun games – would be awesome also.
      So, hopefully cya soon mate!

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