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      mostly just stating what was spoke in the discord

      -incendiary mortar strike goes for ONLY Scorched earth mortar halftrack

      -WP rifle nades and normal nades swapped between rangers and riflemen (the ranger command squad and maybe assault squad gets the WP rifle nade, the normal riflemen get WP normal nade and the other ranger squads like the AT and demo squad.)

      -remove WP from the 60mm mortar since its dirt cheap in both barrage cost and unit cost compared too the halftrack with 81mm mortar for both US inf and SS Scorched earth.

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      Incendiary was nerfed recently, is the issue just insta burning houses?

      What cost do you think it should be?

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        I think the main complain a lot of people have about the incendiary mortar strike is that it’s one of the few effective methods of reliably dislodging a MG or infantry squad from the slit trenches and other such defenses. I know Nick would agree with me in that regard. Grenades will only take off one model at best or deal a small amount of damage to squad HP but the only thing that works 100% of the time is the grenade bundle and the aforementioned incendiary mortar strike.

        Aside from the point Nick is talking about i.e making the incendiary strike a little less available trenches should be a bit more susceptible to ordinary infantry attacks that you’d expect to work while obviously retaining the point of having a trench. (An advantage.)

        Maybe making trenches a little more vulnerable to grenade attacks would go a long way to making players feel as if they don’t have to go all out and call in a mortar strike could make things a little bit better in that regard? I don’t know I’m an idiot and this could use more discussion.

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      Grenades versus slit trenches were modded recently, they should be much more effective if you can land it in there.

      Theres still issues with grenades versus buildings but that is a massive job to fix so will have to wait unfortunately

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