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      So, among all factions, it is pretty widely regarded that the British have the works tier 0 in the game. The grenades of the army have gotten better, and being able to withdraw bren carriers for money is wonderful, but they still suffer in early game for a number of reasons:

      • Their sappers are just not good in combat
      • They have no early game vehicle with which to push aggressively (like the kubel or jeep)

      My suggestions are this:

      • move the bren carrier to tier 1, instead of unlocking at tier 2, and make the vickers upgrade unlock at tier 2.
      • Improve the HP of sappers, or their accuracy, not by much, but a little.
      • Give the brits a unique early game mechanic (officer at tier 0 for buff, but without sten upgrade? I don’t think a tier 0 supervise would be bad, especially if sappers do not get better, as British are forced to choose 1 tech path.)

      The last 2 are ofc experimental, and I want to know everyone opinion, and ofc. other ideas.

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      I think these are good ideas I especially agree with maybe just outright improving their hard stats. The idea of having the officer available at the beginning too actually doesn’t sound too bad either, I’d honestly be in favour of that.

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      Sappers damage stats improved for this patch.

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