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      British Commonwealth: Guards Armoured Division

      Hi Wikingers: here is the new version. We work mostly on it but we also take care about balance changes for the rest of the factions.

      (1)Firefly unlock  (2)Firefly opt  (3)Firefly tulip (4)Take back your tanks

      (8)QF75 apcbc (7)17pdr unlock (6)Centaur ARV (5)REME

      (9)Cromwell cost reduction (10)Fuel Dump (11)Airstrike I (12)Cromwell contact tank

      (16)Tank Detection (15)Welsh guard (14)Grenadiers guards (13)Airstrike II

      1. Firefly Unlock: Allow Access to Sherman VC Firefly
      2. Firefly Optics: The Firefly 6x optics gives tank commanders excellent performance against targets at greater distances.
      3. Tulip Rockets: Allow access to Rp- 3 Rocket 60lb (27kg) Semi Armour Piercing. Maximum Penetration: 198mm
      4. Take back your Tanks!: Tanks that had been turned in for repair and servicing were suddenly needed to combat the German offensive. Call in x2 Sherman V.
      5. REME: The Corps of Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers. These are your trained vehicle mechanics who will keep the tanks running.
      6. Centaur ARV: Special recovery vehicle. Allows the player to repair & recover vehicles in the battlefield.
      7. 17pdr gun naked. Mobile version with camo capabilities.
      8. QF75mm APCBC Rounds. Allow access to this special round for AEC and Cromwell with NO cost.
      9. Cromwell cost & upkeep maintenance reduction.
      10. Fuel dump: Speed up the fuel income and increase the max amount of fuel in your reserves.
      11. Airstrike I: Typhoon bombing & cannon attack
      12. Airstrike II: Typhoon napalm & cannon attack
      13. Cromwell contact tank unlock:  Historical unit that has an RAF Liaison officer on board to coordinate air cover
      14. Grenadier Guard dispatch
      15. Welsh Guard unlock
      16. Tank detection: allow all your elite troops to detect vehicles in the fog of war.


      British Commonwealth:

      • Mortar Emplacement is now restricted to infantry and Royal Canadian artillery doctrines.
      • Rename Sappers to Royal Engineers
      • Added APCBC rounds ability for Cromwell and AEC paid ability.
      • Added HE rounds upgrade for AEC vehicle.
      • Reduced the cost of the Sexton and Bren overwatch from 225 to 200
      • Fixed target tables for Centaur mk2 twin polsten 20mm AA mode.
      • Moved Pack howitzer 75mm from RAF to  Infantry doctrine.
      • Increase the build time of Priest Kangaroo
      • Order the ability grid of all British Tanks


      Soviet Forces:

      • Increased the rotation speed of ISU vehicle chassis by 20%
      • Soviet special construction pios:

      a. Give rifles with low damage (in this case more realistic than pistols)

      b. Now can capture strategic points.

      • Fixed target tables for m2hb .50cal AA mode.


      SS German Elite Forces

      • Iron Will:

      a. moved Penal Batallion to the first Truck

      b. Added Withdraw button to Hando R. Officer

      c. Moved Flak 38 one tier up.

      d. Now all infantry in this doctrine has an upkeep of x1. This way the maintenance of all of them will be really cheap.

      • Increased the penetration chance of pak 40 vs IS-2
      • Decreased the penetration chance of pak 40 vs ISU chassis vehicles
      • Fixed Luftwaffe weapon drop ability. In the previous version the player can cheat, clicking the button many times and obtain extra weapons for free. (thanks the report by Konig)
      • Fixed target tables for Ostwind flak 43 37mm and flak 38 20mm AA mode.
      • Removed Leig 18 from HQ building. Now leig remains only as an airdrop for this doctrine.
      • Reduced the defensive bonus of SS Flak emplacement
      • Added panzerfaust upgrade to SS Grenadiers of Scorched Earth



      • Increased the penetration chance of pak 40 vs IS-2
      • Decreased the penetration chance of pak 40 vs ISU chassis vehicles
      • Wehrmacht construction pios:

      a. Give them pistols

      b. Now can captured strategic points

      • Fixed target tables for ostwind flak 43 37mm and sdkfz 251-17 flak 38 20mm AA mode


      American Forces:

      • M-20 Command vehicles:

      a. Phosphorus barrage reload time before 100 sec now 120 sec

      b. Phosphorus barrage cost before 65 ammo now 75 amm.

      c. Recon ability and off map barrage animation sequence fixed. Now works in the way it should be.

      • Moved Bofors 40mm (infantry doctrine) one tier up.
      • Pershing Ace modding:

      a. Added missing txt to HVAP-T target weak point round

      b. Added correct icon.

      • Order the ability grid of all American tanks in the same way I did with the SS

      a. Row 1 for vanillla elemen ts line shot at ground, reverse, etc

      b. Row 2 for Bushes, prioretize ability, decrew and future sub menus

      c. Row 3 for Tank special rounds like HE/HVAP-T/Phosphorus/Smoke

      • Promote Support riflemen to semi elite squad. Now can vet up to 4.
      • Added Sherman ARV recovery vehicle.
      • Replace the tech tree withdraw and refit for “Logistics Unlock”. This unlock now allow access to: withdraw and refit ability and Sherman ARV.
      • Fixed target tables for M15A1 37mm and .50cal AA mode.
      • Removed pack howitzer from the HQ building. Now this weapon remains only as an airdrop in the FHQ.
      • Give airborne doctrine 80mm mortar to compensate the lack of indirect fire in the early game.
      • Removed Withdraw and refit for T-34 Calliope.
      • AEF Dodge observation vehicle did not have the Company command post activation requirements. This is now fixed.
      • Rename the Armor doctrine support riflemen to Armored Infantry. Now this unit comes in a Dodge .50cal
      • Order the ability grid of M-20 vehicles
      • Added veterancy and bonus for M-20 vehicles.

      a. Vet 1: Battle hardened crews increase the efficiency of vehicle weapons (weapon suppression increased by 20%)

      b. Vet 2: Battle hardened crews gain a better understanding of the vehicles limits, improving the squad’s ability to navigate the M20 (Increase the turn rate by 20%)

      c. Vet 3: Vehicle is stocked with armor-piercing rounds, increasing penetration and damage.


      General Changes:

      • Reduced the damage bonus on first shot during camo for all camo units. Before 15% more damage each vet up. Now 5% more damage each vet up.
      • Increased the veterancy bonus damage for tanks. Before 3.75% each vet up, now 5% more each vet up.
      • Added a maintenance cost reduction for all vehicles with cost reduction bonus like in the American armor doc. This applies to:

      a. Soviet T-34 series in armor guard.

      b. Sherman series in AEF armor doc

      c. Cromwell cost reduction in British GAD

      d. Jagdpanzer series cost reduction in Wehrmacht Tank hunter doc.

      The reduction applies for man power upkeep (reduced by 35%) 

      • Artillery tweaks:

      a. All OFF map artillery is not allowed to fire on HQ sectors.

      b. All ON map artillery is now allowed to fire on HQ sectors.

      • Adjusted Soviet AI (credits by Starbuck)
      • Adjusted ballistic damage vs AT weapons. The ballistics now will react in a better way vs AT guns. Small arms like rifles and HE rounds will be more effective vs AT crews. On the other hand, AP rounds will be less effective vs them.
      • Wikinger healing system improvements: In this improvement I tried to have a better healing system. Here are the changes to understand how it works:

      a. All infantry now can buy medkits to auto heal on the battlefield.

      b. I removed the auto heal medikits for off map infantry. The player now needs to buy the medkit upgrade.

      c. I removed the old auto heal for elite and semi elite infantry and replaced it with a new one. This new one has less heal rate and it is available only when the squad reaches level 4 or 5. Ratio 0.1.

      d. I reduced the cost of medkits from 50 to 35 ammo.

      e. I tweaked the heal rate of all auras in Wikinger, to be a bit more realistic. Ratios: ambulance & forward HQ 0.25/ medics 0.2/ medkits 0.15

      • Tweak all Infantry & weapons capture and revert rate (if normal speed is 100% then):

      a. Vehicle crew & medics cannot capture

      b. Mechanics & Special pios 40%

      c. AT & Support weapons 50%

      d. Snipers 60%

      e. Infantry Observers 70%

      f. Common infantry 100%

      g. Semi elite infantry 110%

      h. Elite infantry 120%

      • Increased the flare time in the field. The old value was way too low for the new artillery system.
      • Light artillery balance: Players abuse of them because airborne doctrines can call in by airdrops and build them also in the HQ. In the end a single player could have 3 or 4 of these things in the early game. I removed them from the HQ buildings and now those remain only as airdrops behind tech tree unlocks. This will prevent abuse in the early game.
      • Rework all upkeep costs for all vehicles in Wikinger mod. Here is the master table:
      Main Battle tanks and support vehicles
      American Forces
      Vehicle popcap upkeep
      Unarmed transports and supply 0
      Dodge Ambulance 2
      Dodge .50 cal 3
      Dodge Observation 10
      M3/M5 Halftracks 4
      M15A1 Halftrack AA 5
      M21 Halftrack mortar 6
      M20 Utility Car 6
      M8 Greyhound 7
      M5A1 Stuart 8
      M8A1 HMC Scott 8
      M4A3 Sherman 75 10
      M4A3 Sherman 76 12
      M4A3E8 Sherman 76 12
      M10 Wolverine 11
      M36 Jackson 14
      M26 Pershing 18
      Sherman 105 15
      Sherman ARV 9
      German Forces
      Vehicle popcap upkeep
      Unarmed transports and supply 0
      Ambulance 2
      Kubelwagen 3
      Sdkfz 250-1 4
      Sdkfz 251-1 4
      Sdkfz 251-16 Flammepanzerwagen 5
      Sdkfz 251-17 Flak 5
      Sdkfz 251-18 Observation 10
      Sdkfz 251-20 IR 5
      Sdkfz 250-7 Mortar 6
      Sdkfz 221 Scout Car 4
      Sdkfz 222 Scout Car 5
      Sdkfz 223 Observation 6
      Sdkfz 234-2 Puma 7
      Ostwind AA 9
      Pz II Luch 8
      Pz II beobachtungwagen 10
      Pz IV Ausf F1 9
      Pz IV Ausf G 9
      Pz IV Ausf J 11
      Pz IV Ausf H 11
      Pz IV beobachtungwagen Observation 12
      Pz V Ausf Panther 19
      Pz VI Tiger 18
      Pz VI Ausf B King Tiger 24
      Stug III Ausf E 9
      Stug III Ausf G 9
      Hetzer 38(t) 11
      Jagdpanzer L/48 12
      Jagdpanzer L/70 14
      Sturmpanzer IV Brummbar 16
      Jagdtiger 23
      Elephant 22
      British Commonwealth
      Vehicle popcap upkeep
      Unarmed transports and supply 0
      Ambulance 2
      Bren Carrier 4
      Bren Carrier WASP 5
      M3/M5 Halftracks 4
      AEC Armored Car 8
      M7B1 Kangaroo 4
      Centaur AA 9
      Centaur ARV 9
      Cromwell MK.IV 10
      Cromwell MK.IV Contact tank 11
      Bren Carrier Observation 10
      Sexton GPO Observation 10
      M4A3 Sherman Observation 10
      Valentine MK.XI 8
      Sherman V 10
      Sherman Firefly 17
      Churchill MK.VII 15
      Churchill MK.VII Croco 18
      Churchill AVRE 16
      Comet 16
      Soviet Forces
      Vehicle popcap upkeep
      Unarmed transports and supply 0
      Ambulance 2
      M3/M5 Halftracks 4
      M5 Halftrack AA 5
      M3A1 Observation 10
      T-70 8
      M4C Sherman 76mm 12
      Su-76 8
      Su-85 10
      T-34 76 9
      T-34 85 11
      KV-1 12
      KV-2 15
      KV-8 13
      ISU-122 19
      ISU-152 19
      IS-2 20

      • Build time tweaks for all infantry and support weapons:

      Unit Time in seconds (ebps) Time in seconds (squad)
      Build troops (exp pios) 2 12
      Sappers/Volks/SS Pios/Fusiliers 3
      Riflemen/Grenadiers/Motorized Fusiliers 3.5 21
      Officers 6.5 19.5/26/32.5
      Sniper 36 36
      Vehicle crew 2 8
      AT Squads 6 24
      Semi Elite Troops (doctrinal) 5 30
      Elite Troops (doctrinal) 6 36
      AT gun 45/57/raketen. 7/2 15
      AT gun Zis 3 16/2 24
      AT gun pak40/17pdr 16/4 32
      HMGs 15/4 31
      60mm mortar 8/4 24
      80mm mortar 20/4 36
      120mm mortar 29/4 45
      Leig/pak howitzer 24/4 40

      Starbuck for his great job with skins specially to allow us to have new models in game like Sherman V and Centaur ARV. Also for his more active role during codding.Like always I want to say thank you to my team to do this new doctrine possible.

      1. Mongalong for the tech tree art.
      2. Meatshield for the historical research and doctrine design.

      Thanks a lot gentlemen.


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