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      General US guide

      US in general is well known for being versatile at many this, yet masters of none. Their squads might be fresh and inexperienced, their tanks flawed, but the with the endless might of the American war machine, their men can be made ready for anything.



      Your riflemen might not be as specialized as that of other factions, but is very versatile. They can be equipped for almost anything: BARs for medium rangee, and MG for suppression or Bazooka for early AT, rifle grenades, and so on. Keep in mind though, that rifles do none of these roles as well as specialist units. They are, however, cheap to resupply, and gain vet reasonable well.


      Unlike with the Germans, getting out an MG early is not that necessary. You rifles do well supporting one another, and support riflemen mentioned above are also very strong suppression (and more mobile)

      Engineers …

      … belong in the rear. If you want a squad that can do demolition and build things in combat, assault engineers are the way to go. They also have a flamethrower. Use them early game to cap, and push points/dig in.



      Due to the fact that you will naturally take casualties against the Germans, I strongly suggest building an ambulance when possible. It can be set as a forward retreat point.

      AA with M15A1

      The M15A1 halftack is not optional. You need the AA. Try to get accustomed to which docs have aircraft.

      US halftracks

      US half-tracks are as versatile as their infantry: The M20 crew is armed with bazookas, the M8 greyhound has canister rounds (basically a stronger frag without the travel time), plus a mortar half-track, the AA mentioned earlier, and the M3 can set up as a repair point. Use them as you need to.

      Sherman tanks …

      … are inferior to most of the late game German tanks, however they do have 1 massive advantage: their crews can jump out of a vehicle. When you lose/ about to lose a tank, have the crew jump out, retreat back to base, build another/better Sherman, make that crew jump out, and put the old crew in. If that crew had veterancy, it will be transferred to the new tank! This also works for half-tracks and light tanks.

      • Keep in mind that the crew has to be of the same class of vehicle. The veterancy of a half-track crew will not transfer to a Sherman.
      • You can then use a captain squad to retreat the inexperienced crew for a small return in manpower.

      Anti Tank tactics

      • The bazooka and 57 mm AT gun have reasonable antitank capability, even against the heaviest German tanks, but they need to be able to hit the flanks.
      • HVAP rounds increase the penetration of American cannons, and almost all tank and AT guns have them. Use them if you have a munition surplus (which you will).

      As always, I hope this helps. Please comment below, give tips you think I missed. With this general guide, I kick off my US doctrine guides! (Hopefully by the time I get armor and airborne done, infantry will be out! ;D)

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      Another very good guide……Death_Kitty. Thank you for sharing you experience and expertise!


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      Great guide – again! Thanks for your help and keep up the good work mate.

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