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      Quick thanks: thanks Sean for teaching me the ins and out of all the doctrines so far, and for SS Panzer artillery: “Scorched Earth.” (“Some men just want to watch the world burn”)

      SS Panzer Artillerie Regiment “Verbrannte Erde”


      • Very strong area denial
      • Strong snipers and massive line of sight
      • Mobile engineers (panzer pioneer come with halftrack)
      • Artillery


      • Extremely munitions hungry
      • lacks assault grenadiers
      • weaker lategame armor

      Key Units

      • Panzer Pionier
      • Schwarze Katzen
      • SS Scharfschütze
      • Jagdpanzer IV L/70
      • Beobachtungswagen & co.

      Panzer Pioneer

      Different from regular pioneer in that it comes in a half-track and can be armed with StG’s. Vital for early game as this doc lacks assault grenadiers. Use to build minefields and support your troops. optionally, Put mg armed grenadiers in halftrack to provide mobile rapid support, but be careful of AT units.

      Schwarze Katzen

      powerful late game infiltration unit. For 1 cp more can be used to booby trap points. Very useful to take a point while battle rages elsewhere, causing havoc destroying fuel and ammo dumps, mg post if possible, then getting the hell out of dodge. respectable in combat as well. Powerful when vetted.

      Jagdpanzer IV L/70

      Erde lacks and panther/tiger variant. Jagdpanzer is heaviest anti-tank vehicle available. use with caution. If you are not careful, can be flanked and destroyed. If used in ambush position, hold fire until you see a target and are ready to micro it and supporting infantry. Should not be used to chase down armor, or charge into line. keep it back and snipe away. Build a panzer IV to support as well.

      SS Scharfschütze

      best way to spot for arty. can use scope with hold fire for best effectiveness. With 6x scope can hit targets very far away. 2 snipers firing on 1 target suppresses almost instantly. on small maps sniper optics not mandatory unless you want G43 snipers. on large maps, strongly recommend.


      Beobachtungswagen, Panazerwerfer, Sd.Kfz 223 Fu: the main strenth of this doc. keep them safe, keep them far from front. Do realize that they become more accurate as they get closer to front, so don’t leave them in your base. Especially panzerwerfer. With that one (i think) it reveals itself when firing so shoot, them move it to avoid return fire. The other two need to be locked down to call in arty. be careful. don’t lose them. Balance your cool downs so that you have 1-2 arty call ins ready when an enemy strikes. Also don’t fire at solitary squads. wait till you get good value for the munitions your putting in. don’t use sector if a grenade will do.

      KG Hansen

      the 2 panzer grenadier squads should be used as SS pioneers, but with better AT. They also come armed with an mg, rifle grenades. AND StG  so they have far better anti inf. The caped greyhound is a nice bonus, but should be kept back. it dies easily to late-game weapons. Can be useful against infiltration, isolated and airdropped infantry, as the canister will devastate them before they can effectively fight back. The jagdpanzers should be used immediately. The command squad loses its supervise the ability for a an extra man, so its kinda meh, but a nice bonus all the same.

      Order of battle

      Early game you want to push hard for munitions points. At least one, both if possible. You goal to is to capture and hold more ground then your enemy, but more importantly, not to lose any units, especially not vet ones. use your retreat whenever you think you will lose a squad. Better save a squad with vet then to lose it protecting a sector to a grenade, and so on. Deploy you medic truck when you see fit, them immediately get panzer pioneers; send them to the area where you are receiving the most pressure. Don’t dismount them: they can shoot out of the half track, usually routing a squad easily. (enemy should not have AT this early. if they do, that’s munitions/manpower wasted. punish accordingly.) From this point onward, the game changes. You want to make each sector painful to take for your opponent, until artillery arrives. That means dug in troops, at guns, mines (so many mines!) panzer jagers, so on. calling in multiple pioneer is recommended. The doc lacks assault grenadiers, so you lose a vital midgame unit known for its versatility, but the fact that your pioneer can get StG’s makes up a little. Mines are vital, as are munitions points. You will need both. try to build complex minefields for both at and ap. cover with mg and pak 40 for optimum results. When you get jagdpanzer’s, camo them to add to your troops ambush and defense capabilities. At this point your first arty units should be arriving on the field. This begins your late game. you want all available arty on the field: both panzerwerfer, the Beobachtungswagen and the Sd.Kfz 223 Fu. Any time you see a unit massing anywhere on your borders for an assault, arty that sector immediately, then if possible move a squad in to capture. Go for the heavy artillery unlock as well, as that unlocks sector artillery which will depopulate an entire sector when its done. You generally want you enemies units to die without having to commit your units to the fight. Snipers are a major help: they can be equipped with x6 magnification scopes allowing you to start killing allies and calling in arty from halfway across the map. Schwartze Katzen allow you to deploy from ambient building, giving you a unit that is very well armed, and can push from unexpected angles.  Its advisable to cap a point (even if you can’t defend), booby trap, then get the hell out of dodge, calling in arty if/as enemy tries to recap. You endgame call in SS KG Hanzen brings something you lack: strong assault infantry and more AT. Deploy both and push your enemy to final victory.

      Keep in mind: nebelwerfer/panzerwerfer is inaccurate and can sometimes not kill anything heavy, but remember, on infantry and light targets the the bombs will cause grievous damage. The hummel and grille fire accurate 1 shot barrages that can be used to eliminate mg’s or AT guns, or infantry, anything stopping your advance, and are comparatively cheap. Try not to use all your nebels all at once, to you still have at least one if case of emergency.

      If you choose this doc in a 1v1 or 2v2, the tactics are the same, but the unlock order changes a little. As this doc lacks strong mid game assault infantry, you will need to unlock Schwarze Katzen first, then booby traps and advanced equipment to give assault weapons to your troops. Arty can come after.

      Also : if you are having trouble with munitions (and you will) resource switch is vital, and you do not really need fuel. The heavy mortar you pick up along the way does a pretty good job against even half-tracks and is a powerful support too that costs no munitions! use it! (butterfly bombs also VERY good against infantry, but i save them until later.)


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      Awesome 🙂 Thanks for the write up!

      P.S. to devs & forum mods:
      1.) can in continue these write ups in separate posts, or do i do them all in this one (i think separate posts will be easier to edit?)
      Absolutely! Separate posts would be best.

      2.) ofc what do you think of this one?
      Overall great, maybe some formatting to help with ease of reading

      3.) balance concern: sector arty: how will defensive factions (like brits eng) survive such a barrage. It will kill every defense in the sector, as it can’t move. I know brits not rework, but is there something planned?
      Fair concern, certainly something to consider – ideally not building ALL their emplacements in one sector would be a good start for them – also using their snipers (and AT) to hunt down and take out spotters proactively.

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      Great job Kitty of Death!    :mrgreen:

      PS: If you would like to do more guides can I suggest you concentrate on the reworked doctrines first as guides for the others will be obsolete once we do the reworks. Thanks

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      Well done 😉

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