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      Small suggestion. Basically, for commandos, you dont get much freedom in what armaments you pick for your commandos. you have too always get a bunch of SMGs with your LMG. its weird. when you compare it with a lot of other infantry weapon upgrades, they almost always have some freedom in what they upgrade with. such as panzergrenadiers, or the regiment de la chaudier.  basically, i was thinking expanding the unique weapons unlocks into their own weapon paths. basically, right now you pick anti tank/anti inf, then you upgrade with a certain weapon kit (piats/bazookas i think for the AT, german/UK/american for the anti-infantry). how id have it, it would be anti tank/UK/german/american as the categories, and then within each you have your standard weapon upgrades (as in, going UK lets you get upgrades for silenced stens/vickers K, going german lets you get STG/MP40/MG42 upgrades, going for US lets you get thompson/BAR upgrades). the AT weapon upgrades dont need any changes since their AT, so you dont have to be picky. this would help the commando player better use their commandos effectively without having too sink absurd ammount of muni into them(170 for mg-42), or just pay 80 muni too get (IMO) the worst LMG in the mod, and some silenced stens which, well, exist i guess. but thats more on my opinion. this can also help add in some consistency for the pricing of the upgrade kits aswell. and after, with the more freedom ,you could better spend ur muni; you can pay 80 munitions too upgrade squads with just a mg-42 and hten have a VERY frightening and capable source of DMG output that will let you tackle pzgrens and other infantry better. furthermore, this allows for commandos too benefit from the bren drop. right now, since every model ends up with a weapon in their hands after any upgrade, when you pick up a bren, noboody uses it, so its a waste. now, you can get a mg-42 and a bren. maybe a bit strong, but it is 80+100 muni, so, perhaps its justifiable.

      sorry if the suggestion is poorly written or hard too understand, i was tired when writing it, but i wanted too put on the forum.

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