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      Ideally a one-off occurrence, I ran into two interesting bugs while playing Combined Ops recently in an AI only match.

      First, the Radio team that I dropped in, used to designate the SAS landing sites and the air cover landed successfully, no problem there. Once landed however, selecting them as a unit, I didn’t have the option to use binocs or radio, or even basic move and attack orders, it was just pure blank. Using them as an impromptu SMG squad, they squad lost two of it’s four members, and after some retreat regained the ability to use all of its normal functions.

      The two man recon team presented a more frustrating error.
      They were in position using the Tabby I.R. Scope with good effect to spot the enemy when a panther burst through the hedgerow, rudely interrupting them. Despite them still being in I.R. mode, I ordered them to retreat. I suppose one man died and I must have reinforced them with another group, for when I sent them back out again, one was crawling as if using the tabby scope and the other was sprinting ahead. The I.R. icon would not disable no matter how many times I clicked it, yet curiously, the sprinter and the tabby fellow switched roles each time.

      This was resolved by having a stray mortar round kill the sprinter, thus allowing recon to continue.


      Are either of these intentional?

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      These are not intentional.  Have you been able to replicate either of these since?

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