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      After some more PvP action with my friends we have noticed that the Churchill tank of the 52nd division is immensely powerful. It has 75 Mk V main gun, but for some reason this gun is very deadly against even the heavy German armor, like the Panther and Tiger. In many cases it can go toe to toe with a Tiger ace and emerge victorious, all Tiger shells bounce off while Churchill can take out Tiger in three shots on the frontal armor. It can even penetrate Panther’s sloped frontal armor for some reason. Panther’s high velocity gun has real trouble damaging the Churchill. Adding to this is its very large health pool, so even infantry has trouble taking it out for good (in our games it has survived two/three Panzerschreck rounds + two Panzerfausts without being knocked out).  It also has the ability to hull down, which increases its survivability even further.

      This tank’s main role was infantry support in WW2, not to take Axis heavy armor head-on. Right now, this thing is virtually a moving fortress that can fend off all but the super-heavy Axis armor (Jagdtiger, Elefant and King Tiger) and survive enormous amounts of punishment.

      I would kindly suggest the devs to look into this tank at some point. Maybe the gun stats could be tuned down against heavy armor, and decrease armor protection or increase penetration against the Churchill. Since it is an infantry support AFV, a permanent HE mode similar to the 75mm Shermans could be added. Once again I thank you for reading and keep up the good work. Cannot wait for the Volksgren division!



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      All armor and weapon stats are available in the unit descriptions.

      The late Churchill’s had very thick frontal armor and yes they were infantry tanks but that doesn’t mean they wouldn’t engage armor it just meant they stayed with infantry division as opposed to cruiser tanks that exploited breakthroughs.

      Hull down increases overall hit points that’s why it survives longer.

      Tiger would need APCR to pen it from the front. You can also try getting closer to increase your penetration power.

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      the standard churchil of lowland? maybe it can get a price increase, but that doc suffers in other parts, and its slow mobility means it ends up as pzshrek food a lot of the time. just when its hulldown it becomes tanky enough too survive some of them

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