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      I have been preparing for the tournament and it seems like US expert AI is far more difficult than the OKW. With all US Docs I am crushing the expert OKW AI in about 19 minutes, but when I start getting a foothold with OKW against Expert US they pull out another doc, like sudden airstrikes if they are already infantry doc and using the free bar and rangers, which is tough enough on its own, or tanks when they are AB, that they cannot build normally in the doc.

      I am not sure why the AI choosing one doctrine would make them less of a challenge, as BK was challenging and it used the same tech tree method. Perhaps it is an issue with the COH 2 engine as it was designed for commanders and auto-unlock abilities over time. Too bad you cannot trick the AI into thinking the tech tree is a commander and unlock the stuff in some kind of timed order, like vanilla COH 2.

      I will keep trying to figure out a way to beat the US expert AI with OKW in a reasonable amount of time for the tournament. I know you guys have your hands full with lots of other items and PvP is the main focus, which is not an issue when it comes to doctrines. However, one of the fun parts of picking a faction and a doctrine is because it has strengths and weaknesses and some match up well, or poorly against others, but that does not matter against the current AI as you will always see the best units and abilities from all doctrines within a faction.

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