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      Black Hand [HUN]

      ***It is a long read.***
      -AT: All units that come equipped with AT rifles have the “Track shot” ability. The name explains what id does. It would balance the AT rifles inability to deal with medium and heavy armor and would help out the allies by a lot against German super heavy armor by locking them in place.
      -Infantry AT abilities: Most German units come equipped with Panzerfausts witch make it nearly impossible to flank German armor or reach back line units with allied armor. My suggestion would be to replace most of it with AT grenades that would have a lot less range and also give them to most allied infantry units so they too have a way to deal with armor on their own.
      -Shock infantry: A KV-2 would be a nice addition and would fit the doctrine really nicely in my opinion. It is kinda silly that only the Germans have access to it currently. And maybe even give it the option to use “Artillery barrage” like the US Jackson in the US Artillery doctrine.
      -ISU-152: A buff to the ISU’s HE shell against tanks. I suggest it should cause a lot of critical damage to tanks (multiple per hit). The unit costs the same as the Jagdtiger. While it can deal with infantry it has nowhere near the same armor as the Jagdtiger. It would compensate for the lack of armor by being the same menace to tanks and have some anti infantry powers.
      (Images of a Panther being hit by ISU-152:

      (Refrence material: http://tankarchives.blogspot.com/2013/03/suisu-152-vs-german-big-cats.html )
      -General: Cromwell tank to all doctrines after the second upgrade to Platoon command post. The tanks would be basically the equivalent of the German Panzer IV.
      -Combined operations doctrine: With all due respect to the dev team, but currently this doctrine is basically a joke. The Commandos are basically useless without their upgrades and their upgrades are insanely expensive. For example the MG and MP-40s cost nearly as much as a rocket artillery barrage and  is nowhere near as impactful. The doctrine basically has no light armor and even the later ones are only good against infantry.
      -Artillery doctrine: The addition of the “Creeping barrage” would be nice to see.
      *German side:
      -Mortar half truck: the “Incendiary barrage” is currently brokenly OP. It is way too accurate. Kills infantry nearly instantly, burns down all structures, even if a tanks is caught in the middle of the barrage it is good as dead because of the “Engine on fire” critical and the damage effect.
      In my opinion this ability should cost a whole lot more ammunition (in the 150-200 range as it is that good currently) or be locked behind a (2-3 or even 4 point) tech tree option similarly to the “Incendiary barrage” in the Soviet arty tech tree, so it is a late game ability.

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      OK, I see your balance post, and while I see some good observations and ideas, I also see somethings, when taken into the larger meta, would be game destroying.

      -You point out that CA feels very weak, and the incendiary barrage is too strong, which I agree with. Creeping barrage is also a nifty idea.

      The rest… well…

      -ISU buff. Not needed:

      This tank can one hit anything it penetrates. If it does not, it inflicts stun. It has a MG upgrade that suppresses better than some weapon teams.  It one-hits bunkers. It is part of doc that can inflict criticals like no ones business (Vet AT team, 76mm barrage, suppression immune penals) And you want to buff it? Why? The ISU is already one of the best tanks in the game, coming with support option that are quite frankly broken in strength already.

      -AT rifle buff. A bad idea, sorry:

      AT rifles are available on most soviet infantry. Like conscripts. You know, the default. Now giving every Russian infantry unit the ability to immobilize tanks, in what tends to be an instant, long range ability… Do you see the problem here? Russian AT tends to be weird, yes, but it is VERY strong in its current iteration across all 3 doctrines. (Some pointers: Soviet armor has SOVIET ARMOR. You get the best tanks in the game at a discount, you are fine. Shock guards has superior officers that can cast an aura that makes infantry around them SUPPRESSION IMMUNE. Infantry that can get bazookas, btw. And everything in soviet arty has AT use. But if you want specifics, the veteran AT rifle team gets a very similar ability to what you suggested)

      -Infantry AT abilities: I get your frustration here. But you have to thing beyond a bit. Downgrading german troops from panzerfausts to grenades would be a buff most of the time: Panzerfausts cost munitions to buy AND use, while grenades skip the purchase cost, plus they are cheaper. In addition, the faust animation takes much longer to play, so you can cancel the faust if you back away fast enough. I feel like this might be some rage directed at wunderwaffe and Tank hunter doctrines? (I feel you there if that is the case), but giving infantry mass access to AT options is not the way to go. If tanks can advance up to infantry for fear of grenades (which are much harder to avoid b/c of how fast the animations play) then armor cant do its job. (Also tank hunter infantry might be getting nerfed next update, so hang in there.)


      I sympathize with you here, but the KV-2 does not full-fill any extra roles that are not already covered in the doc. You have suppression immune shock troops with satchels for assault, and the IS-1 does fine on its own as a spearhead tank. Plus, the KV-2 is being saved for the last soviet doctrine, I believe.

      -Cromwell at tier 2: Another idea I don’t like; I believe (and hope) you meant to suggest Cromwell at tier 3, (i.e. company command post unlock), because otherwise British would get the Cromwell at the same time Germans are fielding luchs light tanks and puma armored cars.

      And while it may seem that some doctrines could maybe use a Cromwell for tier 3 (combined arms and UK lowland infantry) I assure, in the case of the latter, it is fine, and in the case of the former, AFAIK a restructuring is being planned.

      In conclusion, I feel like you play allies more than axis (again, nothing wrong with that) and lot of these ideas, I feel, would ruin balance far more than you think. I agree there are some glaring issue, that will be addressed in time. For now, feel free to join the discord and DM me or anyone else if you are having trouble against some matchup. We will gladly assist you to the best of our ability. Good luck, have fun out there.

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      Ok to start it of it´s nice to see new suggestions 😀

      In short however alot of it will turn the game rather unbalanced and favours the Allies.

      1. At Rifles do not need a buff, they can crit the heaviest of tanks currently (King Tiger, Jagdtiger and the Elefant) Russians also get acess to AT Grenades which do significant damage. They have some of the best Anti tank grenades and rifles in the mod.
      2. ISU-152 instakills on penetration. Only Tanks with enough armor will survive a shot from it. (Jagdtiger, King Tiger, Elefant) but these tanks will be stunned and suffer from damage optics, buffing this tank is not needed.
      3. Cromwell has it´s place in Artillery and Tanks but Combined Arms could benefit from it. Lowland does not need it because it´s one of the best doctrines currently.
      4. The Panzerfaust idea is (sorry to be so rude) Madness not only is it the only good AT SS has until tier 3 it´s also a core feature for Tank Hunters as the name implies they are good at one thing and one thing only fighting Tanks. (Jägers need a rework for this to be absoluetly true) removing such a core feature of the OKW faction will weaken them significantly.
      5. The Mortar Halftrucks Incindiary is bad yes, but that needs work on soviets aswell, as their barrage from up to 5 guns can disable any tank and kill it´s supporting infantry. (Same goes for the Mortars)
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      Mortar Halftrack incendiary is fixed for next patch.

      Regarding creeping barrage: Canadian Arty has 4 separate batteries, you can create your own.

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      Germany wasn’t really fielding a lot of AT grenades
      They fielded more AT weapons like Panzerfausts and Panzerschrecks, and more capable AT guns like the Pak 40, and Pak 43 (since those are the ones we get)
      So AT nades are a big no go, and if your looking for more AT capabilities, try the Iron Will H3 magnetic mine

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      Honestly wouldn’t mind a track shot on all the factions AT rifles, or even for the main AT guns (PaK 40, 6 lbr and ZiS 3) similarly to that other mod no one talks about. Currently things like the Jagdtiger and KT are very very hard to deal with without resorting to artillery spam and WP up the wazoo.

      INB4 “just flank it lol”

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