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      Kai Asianman

      The Big-Brain Idea

      With regards to the changes coming to the OKW Luftwaffe and their Fusiliers, I saw potential for something a little more unique and thought it’d be interesting to mention.

      Some History

      During early WW2, the titular German air defense MG was the MG 15. It fired 7.92 x 57mm Mauser, weighed 12.4 kg, had a capacity of 75 rounds (thanks to its early-MG 34-style double drum), and could fire at 1,000 rpm. It served its purpose until 1941 when it was largely phased out of service in exchange for the MG 81, the MG 81Z, the MG 131, and the MG 151/20. However, the MG 15s weren’t lost forever and were largely handed off to the infantry. Due to their role as a flexible mount, it was rather easy to slap an overly complicated stock onto them to let the infantry get their fix. Official numbers state that somewhere around 17,000 were converted for ground use by 1944.

      Where It Fits

      As for where this fits into Wikinger, I think you get where I’m going at this point. Rather than giving Luftwaffe Fusiliers the same LMG 34 every other German infantry group in the mod gets, it’d be interesting to see them armed with something a little more… thematic (and still equally historical). With a fire rate smack-dab in the middle of the LMG 34 of the LMG 42, it fits a perfect spot as a tool to augment the otherwise lacklustre-in-the-late-game Fusiliers, and the extra 100 rpm over the LMG 34 would be a little treat for the infantry. The MG 15 is already nigh identical to the the LMG 34, so fitting it into the role with the same model wouldn’t hardly be a stretch (especially when other weapons have already been flavored in such a way).

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      Believe it or not, we considered adding the mg-15 to tier 3 fusiliers, but decided the work to add it would be not be worth it since they are nearly identical.

      I suppose we could just change the art a little and call it an mg-15….

      EDIT: Added for next patch.


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