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      Hi guys, the next patch will be really big and I have not space in my original threat for the Screenshot and pictures then I open a new one to locate them.
      New Panther Ausf A tank with Panzer Grenadiers and the new Side Skirt:
      A lot of users asked for this option, and this is the answer for their requests. I develop it with the help of Starbuck and Meatshield.
      I hope our Panther fanboys (Konig and others) will like it.
      New FX collision for anti-tank infantry projectiles:
      New rocket FX: Improved Fx for all heavy rocket artillery.
      New Ju-87 Skin by starbuck
      New Panzerwerfer 42 skin from Starbuck
      New camouflage for 251/17 in AA mode: Many thanks to Starbuck to help me with the coding
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      Something to watch while you wait for the beta  :)
      Some of the inspiration for our artillery rework, more realistic explosions too!

      Footage of SS Kampfgruppe Hansen from the famous “Ambush at Poteau”, with quite an interesting commentary of the battle.
      More raw footage of the battle, the original audio was lost unfortunately.
      Enjoy  :D
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