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      This is just an idea I had literally now. I want your opinions on it, though not like ill end up doing anything with it; just for fun:

      Imagine an rts, any rts (lets say Dawn of war (1)). Imagine you have the actual map, and also a tactical map, like in CoH. ok.

      Now imagine you can assign control groups to attack in a battle plan.

      The way it would work is you would assign units to control groups (CG’s from here on out), like any usually rts, but then you would open up you tactical map and assign rally points to your CG’s. from those rally points you could assign limited commands and pathings for example:

      • a move to this position (following waypoints if set)
      • rush to this position then attack (following waypoints if set (you get the idea))
      • advance to range and bombard until ordered to stop
      • steadily advance, leapfrog from cover to cover (units take best cover available, then one CG tries to find cover  closer to objective, move there, than 2nd CG moves up to same cover, then makes the same check, repeat)

      Then you would bind all of these commands onto, say your numpad, and can trigger you maneuvers by pressing the button.

      IE lets say i have some arty, bunch of infantry in trenches, and some motorized infantry and some tanks.

      • I rally the arty in 2 control groups and order them to bombard the line in 2 places, bind to keypad 1
      • I rally the tanks and motorized infantry to rush to a position and dismount, fire on hostile targets (keypad 2) than a-move to the objective (keypad 3)
      • I rally the infantry in 3 separate control groups to get out of trenches and attack forward, each group of infantry having a separate objective so they don’t blob up on one position. (keypad 4)

      how this plays out:

      • i order the arty to begin bombardment hitting keypad 1, I hit keypad 2 to begin the motorized flank.
      • The enemy is hitting my other flank, so i select a couple of tanks from the attack i just sent, and reassign one of the infantry control groups to defend (i.e. your maneuvers are flexible. You don’t have to go back into the tac map to stop an order.
      • i press 1 again to stop the arty bombardment
      • i press 3 and 4 to begin the actual attack.

      The idea is is to make stuff like this much more seamless than it is in any rts, relying more on tactics than micro ability. ofc, the pace of the rts would be slower, not starcraft or cnc level, more like coh, where there are lulls in the fighting while players build up units.

      Anyway what do you all think.

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