AI Time Trial Tournament

Welcome to the Wikinger: European Theater of War

AI Time Trial

This tournament puts you up against our expert AI – how quickly can you defeat the onslaughts?


Play as the US faction, any of the modded doctrines, facing an expert AI OKW opponent, after that play again as the OKW facing an expert AI US opponent, add the times together and that is your final time for the round.

General Settings

Mod: Wikinger: European Theater of War (always the current public release)
Starting Location: Random
Game type: 1 vs 1 Expert AI
Win Condition: Wikinger Annihilation (regular or high zoom)
Resources: Standard

Load Out Settings

First Round: US Faction – any doctrine vs OKW Expert AI

Second Round: OKW Faction – any doctrine vs US Expert AI

Map Pool

(4) Vaux Farmlands (from WFA)

Vaux Farmlands

Score Reporting

Each month you may submit only two replays – one US and one OKW, you can attempt it as many times as you like but the replay you submit is your entered time.

Put your replays and a screenshot of the time of “victory” for both games in a folder with your steam/player name in it and upload that to us.

Upload here


Fastest defeat of both Expert AI’s – $10 USD steam wallet voucher


Runs monthly, entries open on the 5th of each month and close on the 25th of the same month


We reserve the right to record and showcase any or all of the submitted replays to our YouTube channel.

Sign Up

Via – head to the bottom of the site to join up and see who else is playing!