supporters and former team members



  • Eliw00d – modding support, especially the WCP
  • SneakEye – modding support
  • Widerstreit – modding support


  • MeatShieldNZ
  • Henry Cross
  • Leonida [525]
  • GSamu
  • shadowfiend
  • and all of our Patreon supporters


  • Sigfried – French translation
  • Maurice – French translation

And many thanks to all of our Beta-Testers as well!

Former Team Members

Modding is a labor of love, as a result many people come and go over the course of a project. We wanted to make a place to thank those people who have had a hand in Wikinger in the past.

  • Maiden – coder, especially the WCP
  • König – artist
  • GSamu – coder
  • Ragnar – coder