MeatShieldNZ – Co-Designer & Historical Adviser

Role:  Co-Designer & Historical Adviser

Name: Laurie

Steam: MeatShieldNZ – Link

Born: 1973

from: New Zealand

Job: Logistics

Languages: English

My interest in WW2 started way back in the days before I had internet when I used to make 1/35th scale model tanks as a kid. This started off my love of history and wanting to make historically accurate models and dioramas which back then had to be researched in a real book! This then translated into a love of historical  games once I got my first PC. I have always wanted to get into game design and I’m just thankful this mod has given me the opportunity to help in a small way.

A Blitzkrieg Mod player from way back in the days of Xalibur, Shadow and Olhausen. Ahhh the memories Big Grin