Ian – Artist, Coder and Community Manager

Role: Community Manager, UI/UX Designer, Backup Coder, Web Admin

Name: Ian

Steam: mongalong247 Profile link

Born: 1987

from: New Zealand

Job: Logistics

Languages: English

About: I grew up reading about World War Two, making scale models of tanks and planes, and then I moved into WWII war-gaming, and now I’m here working on Wikinger: European Theater of War!

My training is in film, so I handle the majority of the media and graphics stuff for Wikinger, that has grown into looking after all the social networks and our excellent community too.

Most recently I have started messing about in the mod tools with Olhausen, trying not to break anything! Just doing the little fiddly tasks that take up tons of time but don’t need an expert coder to accomplish.

I enjoy a bit of hunting and shooting, and have a small family with a dog, cat and three chickens!