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      Luftwaffe: The Fallschirmjäger Division.

      The most precious thing in the presence of the foe is ammunition munitions He who shoots uses munitions uselessly, merely to comfort himself, is a man of straw who merits not the title of Parachutist.” There. One of the fallshirmjager 10 commandments, modified for wikinger. Lets get on with it:


      • Unlike american airborne, which is very paratrooper centered, Fallshirmjager is more focused on ground warfare, very well rounded.
      • Has Best Panther variant available to waffen
      • Very strong unique infantry, very strong midgame
      • Good late-game transition with Goring call in. (if you haz manpower)
      • Very good air dropable weapons
      • Best assault initiation in the game (as of 3.1.5c)
      • Air support might not be the best of killing, but will supress, immobalize enemy very well


      • Munitions heavy, squads can be a munitions sink.
      • Must balance resources well to be able to get its tanks for late game
      • Air support can be seen as finicky at times and easy to shoot down if opponent has good AA positioning
      • Air support lacks shock value
      • Expensive units, especially unique infantry.
      • Very CP hungry.

      <h2>Key Units</h2>

      • Gebirgsjäger
      • Fallschirmjäger Bataillon 600
      • Fallschirmjäger Regiment Hübner
      • Raketenwerfer
      • Panther D & G.

      The mountain troops of the German army. Very effective at longer range combat. Can be armed with an MG and a faust. You will want this unit out ASAP, (with the mg upgrade) It can assist early game. Generally my first CP unlock. Upgraded, has good AT capability, and Wonderful suppression. You can get 2 of these. If it’s a wide open map, you may want to get 2, otherwise, 1 should be enough. Can summon a light artillery piece by plane to be crewed.
      <h3>Fallschirmjäger Bataillon 600</h3>
      This is essentially a better assault grenadier squad. Has faust and StG’s as soon as it hits the field. Upgrade adds a flamethrower, which makes it even better in close quarters. Comes vet 1. Very good close up, will maul most squads given the chance. Vets quickly. Try to get this on the field rather than Assault grens. Despite the name <span style=”color: #630303;”>does not</span> deploy from the sky. Can summon a MG34 by plane to be crewed.
      <h3>Fallschirmjäger Regiment Hübner</h3>
      Probably the second most powerful infantry unit in the game IMO. (After wunderwaffe Jägerrotte, ofc.) Absolutely terrifying after upgraded due to the fact that <span style=”color: #630303;”>every member of the squad has an FG42.</span> They also drop with a Panzershreck, so one member will have that. Make sure you don’t drop them onto a forest or something – the Fallschirmjäger need an open terrain to survive the dropping itself. Very powerful once vetted, though the stuka smoke bomb is prone to being artied, (especially by sean,) killing the paras once they land. Be careful. Its not a cheap call in at, but very good if used well. They can’t take on everything, but they can deal with most infantry reasonably well. Come with 2 FG’s to start and shreck, so if you use them as a fast response unit, they still work very well. Also can create their own resupply points provided they are left alone for a few minutes.  Can request a racketenwerfer by plane, to be crewed.
      An interesting AT gun. noticed some bugs with it, so I’m gonna hold off on this section for now. Do note that it has better penetration than a pak 40, and can retreat allowing it to get out of bad situations fast. The ability to enter buildings is a bit broken/bugged at the moment, so… yeah.
      <h3>Panther D & G</h3>
      Your late game apex unit. The G’s from goring call-in come at vet and are better armored. Use them to snipe out allied tanks and engage with your unique infantry.D’s ain’t half bad either, but their turrets do rotate slower as they are manual unlike the electric motors used in the G. (angle your tank while turning the turret to engage at the fastest speed) Remember. Don’t charge in blindly. Kill a few Sherman’s/t-34’s/whatever from a distance, then advance with infantry in front and behind with a stuka flying circles overhead ready to support you if needed. (I’m getting ahead of myself here)
      <h2>Order of Battle:</h2>
      Luft is about 2 things: vetting your 3-4 unique squads for late game and saving munitions for your strong pushes. These squads synergies extremely well with each other: gerbs provide long range support and suppression, while the falls assault close in. I also bundle them with a Freiwillgen squad as well: the weapons that the Luft squads can drop are really nice: (worth the 3 Cp IMO. The fuel-for-munitions drop is also very useful. I have won games without ever spending fuel on anything)If you need some heavy suppression: call in mg34, man with cheap frei and done. Need to kill a tank? Raket. Need to kill weapon crew? LeiG 18. You don’t want to crew weapons with your luft units b/c 1: more expensive to resupply and 2.) these units need to be at max strength. they are your mid game. Micro these guys heavily. Losing them all to an arty strike, or plane is a major setback. (losing a squad is not a game ender. It’s gonna happen. Don’t freak out. Rebuild and start agian. Don’t lose to many though, or you are going to lose manpower unnecessarily.) If you want to split up you squads, you can bundle a girbs squad with each of the fallshirmjagers. You trade strong push factor for versatility in multiple locations; this can be good depending on the situation. Elite Ausbildung allows you to recover from losing a squad rather well. Any of the luft squads from then after will come in with an extra vet level. I usually try to get this before i get my second girbs, if I can. Rapid assault along with Stuka supply break are 2 late game abilities that allow you to immediately initiate a strong push, catching an enemy off guard in the process. The stuka removes the enemy cap, and rapid assault allows you to cap points very quickly. The enemy can lose a couple of sectors immediately, allowing you to then cover the points from green cover. Finally the goring call in gives you your final tool to secure victory. Start by supply breaking your point of assault, casting rapid assault, while your girbs take position behind you falls and panthers. Panthers and girbs cover falls who cap points. You can cover this with a 37mm stuka which will murder/suppress all enemy infantry in its area of patrol. (Keep in mind that this cute little maneuver costs 290 munitions by itself, so have some munitions horded up.) Remember: the whole game micro you squads well, and keep pushing relentlessly. Any time allied infantry try to make a stand, annihilate them with stuka, weapons teams, grenades. Keep them on the back foot and you got a win.
      <h2>Keep In Mind:</h2>
      While your stuka’s will circle the battlefield for a<span style=”color: #630303;”> very </span>nice amount of time, This makes them fine targets for AA. Once your opponent sees your first gerb/fall he will (and should) build an AA unit. not only are these very good against infantry, they also do well against aircraft, killing stukas with ease. Destroy these whenever your get the chance.

      Also your air support is not effective as the US one. Your rely on your panthers/ infantry to kill things. the stukas make it easy: suppression robs tanks of their infantry support, allowing them to be easily murdered by your tanks/infantry. Hence why enemy AA needs to die. Also you cant aim these stukas, so it may not attack the unit you want it too first pass. be patient. If the unit is suppressed, it is no threat to your men, and a grenade will kill it just as easily as the 37mm cannon (and give vet to your troops as well) The cluster bomb stuka seems like a kill, (and it is) but beware it will often immobilize a tank and bring it to a sliver of health, but not outright kill it. A stray rocket will do the job however.
      <h2>Final note:</h2>
      more than any other doc currently in the game, Luft needs so many of its unlocks to be effective. You need the advanced infantry, the weapon and munitions drops are great, the panther G’s are a godsend, the rapid assault and stukas are huge. I only usually unlock the panzer IV in emergencies and save the other two heavy tank unlocks till last. Careful micro of a panzer IV can work, but you need that infantry micro to win.

      That a wrap. comment, give feedback, post some replays. I hope this help you play wikinger better, and may i see you on the battlefield soon. I will update this guide (and all my guides) as updates come out, and continue to write new ones.

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      Great guide. I think another key feature of this doctrine is the ability of the pioneers to be able to build flak emplacements. OKW lacks early AA overall due to not having flak halftracks. SS Panzer is without AA until the Ostwind. Keep the guides coming!


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      Yes A very good guide…..I am learning fast now and this is one of my favourite doctrine!



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      WE ARE GO

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