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  • Wikinger: July – November Update

    Wikinger: July – November Update

    Our dear Wikinger players and fans, it has been a long time since we last gave an update like this. As you will have seen from the updates that we have been putting out that our break was short, and we have been busy modding, polishing and just generally avoiding Coronavirus… like the plague.

  • Wikinger June Update

    Wikinger June Update

    It’s done, we’ve released the mod version 3.3.8 – and revealed the last doctrine with it. The German Volksgrenadier Division.Now it’s time for a break, time to refuel the modder’s batteries… Well deserved! Enjoy, relax, and come back with more new great ideas to mod!

  • Wikinger May Update

    Wikinger May Update

    Hey Wikingers,another month, another update. Due to Covid-19 lockdowns, we’re having more time to work on the mod – meaning: We’re making a lot of progress on the very last doctrine, the “Volksgrenadier Division”. The very last doc, Volksgrenadier Division Most of the details have been shared and discussed with our patreon-supporters, now it’s time […]

  • Wikinger April (Corona) Update

    Wikinger April (Corona) Update

    Hey Wikingers, it’s April and we finally have a new blog post on how things are going on with Wikinger. New Patch 3.3.7 D It’s a hotfix patch, which also comes with some changes, additional units and an enhanced AEA system regarding vehicles and infantry.

  • Wikinger December Update

    Wikinger December Update

    Hello Wikingers!We’re here for the final update for the 2019, it’s been a busy year and we are on the second to last doctrine update for the doctrine rework we have been working on since December 2016. Wikinger Supplemental Skin Pack

  • Wikinger November Update

    Wikinger November Update

    Hello Wikingers,it’s been a while since the last update post – coming from weekly ones – noticing that doesn’t work, to monthly ones – just to notice that sometimes we just have not too many new and interesting things to share. Anyway, now we have a few small things I am happy to share with […]

  • Discord Missions

    Discord Missions

    Hi Wikingers! So we’re just about to launch our fourth mission, the second Operation Overlord campaign mission. You may have seen people getting tagged and promoted up ranks in the discord server. When we started this we were really experimenting with the idea and had a vague idea as to where it might go (or […]

  • Wikinger August Update

    Wikinger August Update

    Version 3.3.6 is now live… that’s what you’ve all been waiting for, and is the main reason we delayed this update post until this weekend. An update saying, “this is what we just did” is far better than another “soon(tm)”.

  • Wikinger July Update

    Wikinger July Update

    Welcome back Wikingers! We’re dropping the July update for you (in July as promised), and we’re going to be focusing on the new Wehrmacht doctrine that is to be released in patch 3.3.6.

  • Wikinger June Update

    Wikinger June Update

    So yeah, it’s July and we’re just pushing out the June update. We’ve been extremely busy pushing out the latest patch, but we will get to that later.