Role: Master Of Useless suggestions, PVP Balancer, Yougling of the team

Name: Guillaume Machiroux

Steam: ST Hélios | No Game No Life Profile link

Born: 19/07/1999 (yup, as I said, yougling of the team)

from: Belgium

Job: work ? what is that ? never heard of such a thing. (student)

Languages: French (main), English

bout’ me: I was at first a spearhead player, then i met olhausen and wikinger, the rest is quite obvious, since 2 years i’ve been saying what i think about the mod and helping left and right, not as much as the others i must admit, my speciality is shitting blocs of text for the heck of it, no seriously, i’ve written so much and said so much that i forgot a lot of it, what? how isn’t it related? HOW DARE YOU BASTARD, ahemm what? nothing sorry so, quite obviously as my role says, i’ve been doing PVP balancing, as much as something can be good in PVE, it can be real bad in PVP and it is what i’ve done if you ask me what else i’ve done… it would be being annoying as fuck for the team fully composed of mature ppl with a life so… ye… haha… humm.

Random guy N°28291 whisper you aren’t supposed to talk about what you’ve done on the mod, we already know you are useless ! first, slap dat asshole, second well if you insist sir. As i’ve said, i play a lot. like realy a lot. I’ve been playing since 3 years old, starting with the MoH and CoD (ye it’s young to kill ppl already don’t you think) go wonder how the hell i have a few screw loose :p aside of that, i read manga and visual novels as well as watching animes, ye not much you may say but there’s so much to read and watch that you could never end with it, i know it’s the same with US series but shhh Please. refrain from calling me a weeb would ya? i’m not that intoxicated. YET. Anyway, i may disapear from there due to my wims, spam stuff for 3 month then go missing for 4 so.. please… don’t forget me…. i beg of you nah just kidding, i don’t give a damn about it 😀